5 Common Mistakes When Using Social Media For Business

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Using social media for business can be a very valuable marketing tool but you have to get it right for it to be effective. In fact, many businesses go into social media with no planning or strategy in place and then wonder why it is not producing any significant results.

To use social media for business successfully you need to make sure you avoid some common mistakes.

5 common mistakes when using social media for business

  • Splatter gun approach marketing – no plan, no thought to target audience and influence.
  • The hard sell – just linking your website with no engagement with others.
    You need to engage with your target audience. Social media was set up to allow people to communicate and converse with others. Successful communication is a two way process, not just one way.
  • Larger numbers doesn’t mean success – you may have a large number of fans, friends or likes but they are meaningless unless you are engaging with them in the right way.
  • All networks – social media is about targeting the right people / businesses in the right networks. It’s a bit like advertising; you wouldn’t advertise a sewing crafts business in an engineering magazine, you need to target your audience using the right social networks for your business.
  • Sporadic posting – do you have a marketing plan with offers, subjects to focus on? Do the same with social media, it’s amazing how helpful this can be with content creation.

Social media for business is all about engaging with potential customers and giving them reasons to be interested in your products or services.

Social media marketing is fast becoming a necessity for every business. To ensure social media is a successful part of your overall marketing plan you need to start with a strategy. This strategy should include who you want to target, how you want them to be influenced and a basic calendar of topics to talk about.

By following a few simple steps and avoiding the common pitfalls social media for business offers a very powerful marketing medium. For more top tips on social media, you may find our Facebook for Business or our How to LinkedIn posts useful.

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