How To Encourage Twitter Interactions With Only 140 Characters

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 20 May 2013 by Lynsey Sweales

Twitter interactions are difficult to attain as users tend to have a very short attention span while taking in all the content that is thrown at them by the people they follow. Most of us will skim read through our tweets until we see something that catches our eye. Businesses using social media need to be able to create tweets that will encourage Twitter interactions by making someone stop and take notice.

Straight to the point

Don’t tip-toe around what you want to say when writing a tweet. If you want more Twitter interactions, get straight to the point as this leaves more characters for a question or link.

Ask questions

A good way to get Twitter interactions is by asking a question. It might be something as simple as what do they think of a new advert or something a bit more meaningful related to a world event.

Asking a question will make people stop, think and potentially answer you. Once you’ve grabbed their attention like this, you will get more Twitter interactions and then you can start a conversation.


If you’re talking about a new advert then you should link to it. Encourage more Twitter interactions people know what it is you are proud of and drive traffic to your website at the same time.

The hook

If you are linking to your website or a picture then you’ll need an enticing enough to get Twitter interactions. Ask a question that relates to link so people have to click through to answer. You could even write something cryptic that makes them want to find out more.


Action words such as ‘please’ and ‘check’ tend to inspire more Twitter interactions. There’s nothing wrong with asking your followers to take a look at a new blog post. Giving followers an action to complete makes them more likely to do so.

Using the advert example again, tweeting ‘Here’s our new advert…’ then the link is going to be less effective when it comes to boosting Twitter interactions than ‘Check out our new advert…’

Time of the day

Studies have shown that tweets made later in the day receive more Twitter interactions. If you’re wondering when in the week to tweet then those made on Friday, Saturday and Sunday tend to have a higher engagement rate.


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