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LinkedIn is a business-related social network which is used to network, build relationships and probably most popular find a job. By knowing how to LinkedIn fully you can connect with professionals and trusted contacts in over 200 countries around the world. In this blog post, we are going to share with you ‘How to LinkedIn’.

LinkedIn acts as a curriculum vitae, cover letter, references, database of your contacts throughout your life and a place where you can learn, share and network in a professional manner. It lets you control the first impression people get of you and view your photo and of your members to understand the kind of people you communicate with.

How to Linkedin – Some Tips to maximise your profile 


Use your keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile because when recruiters and other business people carry out searches on LinkedIn you have a much better chance to appear higher up the search results than others.

LinkedIn results also feature heavily in search engines like Google too – another handy tip and reason why you should have a full understanding of How to Linkedin.

Update Status Regularly

Try using Hootsuite or Ping (or link your Twitter account) to push your status to all your social networks at once. Making sure that your LinkedIn status message is always professional because the audience is more career/managerial-minded people.

Custom URL

Customise your profile’s URL to your actual name to strengthen the visibility of your page in the search engines, use this link in various places:-

– When you comment in a blog
– Include a link to your profile in your signature
– Use it on your business cards.

Your custom URL will be like this one

Improve Your Connections

Your current company profile will automatically be displayed as the last job you’ve had, unless you change it manually. This does limit the ability to connect with certain people.  You should brand yourself for the job you want or the expertise you wish to be found, not the one you have (almost like a biography including past employment, education, connections, and activities) be sure to not to just copy and paste this information from your CV because you will miss out on keywords (see above).


By adding connections, you increase the likelihood that people will see your profile first when they’re searching for someone to employ or do business with. In addition to appearing at the top of search results, people would much rather work with people who their friends and business contacts know and trust.  Whenever you meet or speak to someone get into a habit of finding them on LinkedIn and then adding them to your connections.

Blog Link

Blogging is a great way to show people your thoughts and areas of expertise. If you have a blog that reflects your area of expertise add it to the website links you can add (see below).


You can add up to three websites to your profile maybe your blog, your own website and Google plus.


In reality LinkedIn allows you to reach your ideal candidate or potential business contact or person of expertise with precision and scale, especially as they come from your trusted network of friends and colleagues. Recommendations have a “thumbs up” graphic which means you have been recommended and if this is several times, there will be a number next to it.  Again get into the habit of asking for recommendations if you have done business with someone or you have worked with them as an employee.

Ask and Answer Questions

One of the great things about knowing How to LinkedIn is that you are able to ask and answer questions using Answers. You are able to establish yourself as an expert by regularly checking to see if there is anything that might need your area of expertise. By doing this you can establish yourself as an expert and it will help you build even more connections.


If you have an event be sure to add it to Linkedin Events. Its free and is another avenue to help you promote your event.


Groups are a really useful tool to help you network even further online.  You can join groups and you can set your own up.  Think about setting up a new group – maybe one that is focused around your industry or your location.  Create discussion points and think about why people would  want to join your group – something to entice them.  Promote this group using all your social media platforms and think also about inviting some really influential people to the group too.

So to summarise when it comes to your personal brand, you need to promote your LinkedIn profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus, plus any blogs of your own and of course website.  Keep it up todate and consistent.  Whether you are looking to progress your career or find new business contacts make sure you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date – that is How to LinkedIn.

I hope you have found our How to LinkedIn blog post useful.  Please feel free to share how you have used LinkedIn in your career /business opportunities.

From reading today’s blog post you will hopefully now have a better picture of why knowing How to Linkedin is so much more than just having a very basic profile.

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