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They say the best things in life are FREE, this is similar when it comes to marketing your blog. Blog marketing is something that has become a very important part for any growing business.  You are now able to really control your online presence through social media networks. However, by adding a blog to your website will not only help support your goals but also brings in the human aspect of your business and create dialog with customers and potential customers. Content is the focus of all articles that makes first time or regular readers come back for more.

Some things you need to think about when marketing your blog from a writing angle

Content and presentation

This has to be interesting right from start to end to keep your reader engrossed and make them come back. Have a strong headline that will entice readers of your blog to understand what the blog is about straight away.  Add your logo which says a lot about you and usually the first thing the reader will see and recognize.


The language you use is the key to whether or not your blog will be liked. Simple sentences can bring in readers of all age group and sectors. There is no right or wrong approach to take, everyone has their own style and personality and this will reflect in your blog whether it’s for personal, do it yourself type or industrial purposes.

Audio and Visuals

This is one of the newest eras of technology, using pictures and videos to your blog will add weight to your blog and make it memorable when marketing your blog.

Post Frequently

Loyal readers of yours will expect new articles regularly.  So you will need to come up with ideas to continue to provide readers with your newest and latest blogs to keep them interested.

Some things you need to think about when marketing your blog


Market your blogs by communicating with other bloggers that share similar interests, by chatting with them regularly, link to their blog posts when relevant and tweet and comment on their blogs and they will do the same in return.

Plug-Ins/ Widgets

Another way to give your blog popularity and bring multiple readers using these or similar strategies.


Competitions on your blog with good prizes/freebies can again drive traffic your way.

Social Networking

This is the new way and easy way of marketing your blogs. Set up profiles on Twitter, Facebook/Facebook for Business Page/LinkedIn and let your readers know all about your products and of course your blogs.

Some things you need to think about when marketing your blog from an SEO point of view


If you have written the content including the right keywords in title and description then this will help immensely when marketing your blog and should bring traffic to your blog.

Email Signature

Using emails to market your blog is a good and green way to drive traffic to your blog too.

Adding Links

By adding links you could change the popularity of your blog altogether so worth trying when marketing your blog.

There are ways to reach readers, liked and tweeted about.   is an apt way of doing this and can change your reputation online for ever.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let us know how you get on blogging.

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