3 Reasons To Use Pinterest For Business

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If you sell something that is very visual then Pinterest is the perfect marketing tool. Your product has the chance to be repinned and shown off to all sorts of people, including those you might not normally target.

3 reasons to use Pinterest for business

Quick route to sale

The beautiful thing about this social network is that potential customers don’t have to do too much work to get to the product page. If you submit an image straight from the page it can be bought from, and pop a price in Pinterest’s description box, the customer doesn’t have to do too much at all.

Customers can see the product and the price all from Pinterest so they can make the decision to buy there. It just takes one click for them to get to your website to purchase the item. This is a much more efficient way of converting browsers into buyers than you’d get with other social networks.

You get inbound links

Each pin will link back to the image’s source. So unless someone pins your image from elsewhere on the web, you are getting a link back to your site when ever your product gets repinned.

All the links are no-follow so won’t give you much SEO benefit but there is more chance people are going to be interested and click through to your website. This is great for establishing your brand and converting potential customers. Anything that can direct people to your website is a good thing.

It’s not about getting followers

On some social networks, the users are very interested in becoming as popular as they possibly can. With Pinterest that’s not the case. Users of this social network seem to be happy browsing through content and sharing it with small groups of people.

This stops it being a popularity contest and the users can focus on discovering and sharing things they are interested in. This means any product of yours that gets repinned has been for a very good reason.

It might be that your product is innovative, beautiful or is photographed well. Take a look at the types of boards users are pinning your images to. This will give you an idea of your strong points and how people perceive your products.

The trick with Pinterest is to pin your own items and encourage people to share them but also pin other things. It’s a great place to create inspirations boards and talk show off other things you are interested in. This, again, is great for your brand.

Using Pinterest for business can be a very clever tool to use alongside your overall social media plan – don’t forget that having a social media strategy is the place to start in using social media effectively.

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