Why Businesses Should Invest In Social Media

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Social Media

Social media for business is big business. With usage at an all time high, social media is incredibly influential. Here are our key reasons for why businesses should invest in social media.

Take Facebook, arguably the first high-impact social media channel. As of December 2012, it had more than a billion monthly active users and 618 million daily active users on average. Engagement on posts from people with followers has gone up 34% year over year. Twitter has over 10 million users in the UK whilst Pinterest usage is continually increasing in the UK.

In short, social media is powerful. It provides businesses with an opportunity to target and engage with clients.

Getting Started:

  • Research social media outlets
  • Think about your business. Is it visual, aural or informative? A product or service? Which social media channel would best suit this criteria?
  • Speak to your existing customer base, what social media do they already use?

Social Media for business, in all its guises, can communicate with a vast number of customers and provides an engaging online presence to create a conversation between your business and existing and potential customers. Other elements, such as blogging, can help to improve search engine results. Developing a cohesive social media marketing strategy will help to grow your brand by increasing your overall visibility amongst your target audience.

After deciding which social media for business will suit you, now spend time evaluating your workload and devising a manageable social media strategy.

Social Media Management:

  • Invest in social media training courses to kick-start your social media strategy
  • Devise an editorial calendar for future blog posts – taking into account events, seasons and product launches.
  • Set achievable personal goals about how many times per day/week you are able update your social media channels and stick to them.
  • Be realistic, if you don’t have the resources to manage social media successfully, invest in a reliable company who can help.

Social Media for businesses should be fun and rewarding. Many comments you receive will be positive and can also highlight potential new business and gaps in the market. If anything negative is said, you will be in a position to deal with it. Be part of the conversation.

In conclusion, the reasons why business should invest in social media are:

• To improve web presence and have a positive impact on SEO rankings
• To generate interest amongst target audience
• To create an open, two-way channel of communication between your business and its’ customers.

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