Why Is A Social Media Strategy So Important?

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Social Media

If any business is looking at setting up social media accounts; whether that be on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc we always suggest you should start by looking at a social media strategy – this strategy should sit alongside your marketing strategy,which of course should fit in line with your business vision.  Don’t think your business is too small– regardless of the size of your business (large or small) all businesses should have a business strategy with objectives. Failing to have a strategy is why many businesses fail, a social media strategy is no different.

 A Social Media Strategy Is Just As Important – Why?

For starters you need some sort of measurement / KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to know if your social media campaigns have delivered with extra sales, extra visitors to your website, improved presence on search engines, more page one ownership on search engines .  You wouldn’t place an advert in a newspaper and then not measure the level of calls or emails, would you?  Measurement is a key factor of any successful social media strategy.

We always use SMART objectives with our clients as part of creating a successful social media strategy.  However, here are some ideas /questions you may want to consider:-

  • What do you want to achieve with your social media activity?
  • Who are you trying to target?
  • How does your target audience behave online? i.e. what do they like talking about, what information do their share
  • What do you want them to do?
  • What type of content do they engage with most?
  • How often do you need to engage?
  • What keywords/subjects are you going to focus on?

The above questions should help you form a clearer idea of your social media strategy.  What this will hopefully mean is that your social media actions are more deliberate and have a purpose.  For example, it will help you with content ideas for blog posts; which can then be posted on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Social media can have an immediate impact but you do need to think about a three-month strategy which should be reviewed weekly, to begin with then monthly once your strategy is settled in and working successfully.

So if you have been tweeting for a few weeks or months and are thinking ‘Why am I doing this?’ hopefully our tips have been a useful point to go back to the drawing board and review your reasons for using social media for business.

If you would like a further reading on social media please feel free to read our blog post 3 simple tips to improve your social media engagement.


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