Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Strategy Is The Key To Online Success


At SocialB we live and breathe online marketing every single day. We make sure that we become the external marketing department for our wonderful clients by ensuring we are all working towards the overall marketing objectives. Our detailed strategies enable ourselves and the client to deliver and measure against a set of activities and key objectives.

Our experienced team undertakes a comprehensive review of your brand and digital assets to understand where you currently are. After this, we will work out what success looks like for your business. Do you need more leads? More sales? Lower cost-per-acquisition? Whatever your objectives are, we will produce a tailored strategy to meet your needs.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business the principles of online marketing remain the same. Our clients range from large muti-national organisations through to local businesses. We deliver the same level of care and attention to all of our clients to ensure that both parties are working towards achieving the most successful marketing campaigns.

The SocialB team are a friendly bunch and have a wealth of experience. We have Google AdWords certified professionals, analytics experts, social media enthusiasts and all round digital gurus.

Three Steps To Create Your Digital Strategy

1. What Does Success Look Like To Your Business?
What are you looking to achieve from your online marketing activity? Whether it is leads, signups or sales, it is important to have a clear objective before spending any money on online marketing.

2. What Is Your Target Cost Per Acquisition?
How much are you willing to spend per new inquiry or sale? From here we can begin to plan a budget for your marketing spend to help you achieve your business goals.

3. Create A Digital Marketing Strategy Document
Our highly experienced team will devise a strategy to improve your online marketing performance. We will analyse the key channels that will provide success to your marketing efforts.

Have You Created Your Digital Marketing Strategy Yet?

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