10 cool apps to try this Christmas

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Social Media is a fascinating world. Everyday it seems to have something new, be it a new network, new features on existing networks like Facebook or Twitter, or a new great app to help us out. There are just so many things going on that is hard to keep up with everything.

Therefore at SocialB we’ve decided to create a list of 10 cool apps you should try over Christmas. From web applications that enable you to see hundreds of your followers at once, to a way to communicate simultaneously with all your contacts, these apps can save you precious time!

LikeHack – LikeHack is a social news reader designed for people who value their time and need their news from several sources and need it quickly. It’s pretty cool since it saves and stores posts you’ve shared and liked on Facebook and Twitter, learning and delivering what’s most interesting to you.

ChannelCaster – Crowd sourcing is really handy in social media. ChannelCaster allows every user to add content, which lets you to have access to articles that are interesting to more people. The app uses a “tier” system which helps cut down on clutter and puts the most interesting content in one place, which saves time and is easy to use.

MyFlickr – MyFlickr for Facebook is a great app that allows you to display several pictures at once, right on your main profile page. You can choose how big you want each photo to be and how you want them arranged. Since the images are hosted on the Flickr website, you’ll need to create a free account and upload your photos there first.

Flipboard – Flipboard is an app where you can create your own online magazine and fill it with news and media. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and a very entertaining and creative way to deliver content. You can create your own magazines and then share them on your social media profiles, since it allows you to connect with up to 12 social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

Dopplr – Lots of people use maps on their Facebook profiles to show you where in the world they’ve been. More useful is a compact app called Dopplr: Where Next?. Instead of saying where you have travelled already, Dopplr helps you meet up with users who may be going to (or already live in) one of your upcoming destinations. For now, this widget is available only on Facebook and it looks like a great app for especially travel and tourism business to take advantage.

Pulse News – Pulse New is another great social news app. It’s very simple to use and aesthetically pleasing and enables you to save time by just reading summaries.

Social Mention – Social mention is a social media search engine. Once you enter a specific keyword, the web app searches almost every popular social media website such as Google blog search, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Digg etc. Search results are up to the minute and the app also weighs the sentiment and mood of the results and ranks them positive, negative and neutral.

TweetDeck – TweetDeck is a fantastic social media monitoring app connecting you with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Linkedin, among others.

Sprout Social – Sprout Social is a premium web app, that enables you to listen to conversations regarding your brand from across the web, be it tweets, reviews, blog posts or news. The app tries hard to put all the conversations to use with the help of its business intelligence tools.

Nearby Tweets – If you’re a local business wanting to connect with people near you on Twitter, Nearby Tweets helps you find the people closest to you. You can also change your location to anywhere you want, if you’re looking to connect with users in a specific area.

Have you written your own list of apps you’ve been meaning to try for ages? Share it with us on the comments section below.

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