10 Simple Steps To Begin Improving Your Social Media Today!

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pinterest on phoneAre you actively investing in social media marketing, but feeling that your strategy needs a boost?

No social media strategy should set-in-stone. It needs to be regularly reviewed; the only constant in the online world is change, change that happens quickly and daily.

So, here are 10 simple steps to take your social media marketing up a notch:

1. Add video

Video is powerful on social media; there are countless facts and figures to support this. What is more, you can share videos on every social media platform and also on your website.

Depending on your business and industry, you can specialise in one type of video or have a mix of different types like interviews, tutorials, “how-to” videos, using humour, etc.

It’s a great way to engage your audience and is highly shareable content.

2. Start Blogging

If your website doesn’t have a blog already, it is something you should seriously consider.

It’s a great way to have fresh, regularly updated content on your website that you can share on your social media channels. Given that this content is hosted within your owned domain, it is also a great way to attract traffic into your website, as well as showing your expertise in your field.

If you already have a blog, have you considered guest blogging in other relevant industry blogs?

3. Search new channels

New social media channels are being created all the time, and some see great success like Instagram or Pinterest.

Have a look at new channels and assess if your target audience is there. If they are, consider whether the platform has a future, and whether it may be worth investing time and marketing efforts in this channel.

4. Join a Twitter chat

Joining and engaging in conversations is essential if you want your social media to be successful. Participating in a Twitter chat is a great way of doing just that.

There are hundreds of Twitter chats happening every day in every sector, you just need to find the ones that are relevant to you and your target audience.

Be consistent. Make sure you’re there every week providing valuable insights and information, establishing your expertise and  thus helping you reach a wider audience.

5. Invite your customers to join you

Don’t just expect your customers to find your Twitter or Facebook account, actively invite them to join you there!

There are many ways to do this, from having “follow us” icons on your homepage pointing to your social media pages, to sending out emails to your database inviting them.

You want happy customers to follow you on social media, these are the kind of customer that will come back to your company again and again. Moreover, if they are engaged they may even become your brand advocates.

6. Start a discussion forum

Discussion forums are great places to gather your target audience in one place.

If you have the time to commit to maintaining and managing a forum, it can be a fantastic way to attract your customers and potential customers, and keep them engaged with you.

7. Create Infographics

In our current image driven world, we want to be able to consume information quickly and easily. People have to come to love and rely on Infographics for explaining information clearly and concisely.

A top tip is to include your company’s name and URL in your Infographics, so that way the image is attributed to your business as it moves across social media.

8. Start a competition

People love online competitions, especially if they’re engaging, simple and with good prizes.

This can be a great way to bring some fun and diversity to your social media.

Anything from a photo contest to a like and share, or anything creative. Do these on a regular but unpredictable basis, to keep your customers coming back in anticipation of your next exciting competition.

9. Create a mobile app

Mobile apps are a great way to connect and engage your customers when they are on the move. In the UK, 92% of people use a mobile or smartphone – you would have to be crazy to ignore this channel!

Apps are bespoke, just like websites. Depending on what your business is, you can create an app that is valuable for your customers and they can use regularly, like an app with recipes or an app to book a taxi.

10. Offer something for free

We all love free things, don’t we? We like to try before we buy, and also feel like we’re onto something exclusive. The purpose of giving free things like an eBook, a tutorial, webinars or free consultations is to show willing, to meet your consumer half way, rather than asking them to spend their hard earned money on a gamble.

By offering this kind of value, you keep your business at the forefront of their minds, which is a big step towards turning them into customers.

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