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Content CurationIt is generally recommended to post on social media at least once every day. However this doesn’t always need to be your own unique content. Sharing other quality content is a valuable way of showing you know your stuff as part of a wider content marketing strategy.

The curation of relevant content can be time consuming so you need tools, a methodology and a content calendar so you can spend your time most effectively. This blog takes you through some best practice tips to get the most out of content curation.

1. Automation

There are plenty of tools in the marketplace to help you work quickly but not necessarily more efficiently. The key with automation is to use it wisely. Use tools but part of your process must be manual to ensure you are being accurate with your content.

2. Aggregate

Tools like Feedly help to aggregate data from blog posts so you can easily see the content you want to share. However older RSS style tools fall down on multimedia, so keep checking the usual top tools review blog posts for the best in the industry. Aggregation is an algorithmic process and you are targeting your content at humans. Therefore you must have a handpicked aspect to your curation.

3. Focus

Its really easy to click ‘send/publish/add to queue’ on any content you see. However without a focus on what you want to achieve from your social media and therefore from your content strategy, much of the content you share will be meaningless. Whilst finding good content can be tricky, be specific and play hard to get.

4. B2B

If you are working in B2B, make sure you are adding in industry-specific blogs that are high quality and relevant to your audience that may not be quite so accessible on content curation tools. In B2B you need to aim for less volume but much higher quality content than B2C.

5. B2C

For those in B2C and using Pinterest for marketing communications, don’t forget that Pinterest is also a content curation tool so join in with accounts with similar interests to gain new content.

6. Save and schedule content

Before you participate in any social media you need to have a content calendar. You need to know which topics you’ll be discussing on a monthly/weekly/daily basis. When you find great content, you will then know whether to share it instantly, or save it for when it will help to support particular campaigns you have in the future.


Sharing content is endorsing it. Content curation is a partially manual process – make sure you have read everything you share.

8. Hootsuite

We are big fans of Hootsuite here at SocialB. So we like to use the Hootsuite Syndicator for aggregating content. It means you are reading, publishing and getting your social analytics all in one place. Especially if you are the lone social media practitioner in your organisation, this can make things much easier and quicker for you.

9. Stay social

Don’t send it and forget about it. Remember that social media is all about being social, so check for comments from your own readership and optimise the two way discussion.

10. Credit

You must credit the source of the content you are sharing.

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