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10 tips for social media success in 2015

shutterstock_85762501The only constant in social media is change. And with so many changes we watched last year, 2015 promises to be so full of new social media developments that it pays to be aware.

At SocialB we took a good look into what happened last year and what are the big trends coming up next, and came up with the 10 essential tips for social media success in 2015:

1. Create videos

Sure, text is important, as for example having a blog on your website. But in 2015 social media will become more visual and video is one of the big trends.

Consider create original videos like tutorials, interviews, funny content, or even turning your blog posts into videos!

2. Create images

Images get three times more attention and likes than posts with only text, so this will be big next year.

Consider having great images to go along with your posts. If you can, create your own original images since this is really key in some social media networks like Pinterest or Instagram.

3. Invest on smartphones

Consuming information on smartphones is a big trend on the rise and it is expected to really take off in 2015.

Close to 80% of users engage in social media through a mobile device and that number is still growing.

So, consider this when putting up your social media campaigns next year with designs intended for mobile users, specific apps, and responsive websites.

4. Review your metric tools

We cannot stress enough how important it is to measure your social media efforts so you know what is working and not working.

There are many new analytic tools available, with more options and new features and review the ones you use is as important as reviewing your social media strategy to keep up with changes and developments.

5. Look for new opportunities

It is important to always keep yourself up-to-date with new emerging trends and tools on social media, so make sure that in 2015 you start to really look for and use them.

Some examples are Linkedin Publisher or using new social media advertising tools. Or what about starting to use Pinterest?

6. Get organised

We thought would be important to add this tip here since so many businesses struggle with time management in regards to social media.

If you already have an organised action plan and tools in place, great. If you don’t, consider doing this in 2015, like for example using an editorial calendar for the whole year or using a social media management tool like Hootsuite.

This will help you get focused for the year ahead.

7. Deliver more of your top content

By analysing your social media stats, you get to come across with many trends. One of them is realising which type of content gets more likes and interaction.

For example if you’ve had a very successful blog post named “The top ten summer holiday places in 2014” that has many likes and shares and drove many leads to your website, consider writing a following post for 2015.

8. Ask more questions!

One of the ways to have more interaction and engagement in social media next year is by asking more questions.

So instead of just having updates with the title of your blog posts or with an affirmation, consider asking questions instead. This will trigger people to respond and make them more curious to click on your link.

9. Connect with industry influencers

Sometimes we’re so focused on reaching our potential customers on social media that we forget other key people.

People like industry influencers such as journalists or bloggers can be very valuable to your social media success.

Consider starting looking for them, engaging and creating strong relationships. They can help you reach a wider audience by sharing your content or getting you more followers.

10. Do something new!

You know that photo competition you wanted to run on Facebook? Or the funny video you wanted to create and post on Youtube?

Put in top of your priorities for 2015. Start the year by surprising your audience in a positive way!

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