10 tips on how Facebook can benefit your business

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FacebookFacebook is one the fastest growing social media networks. Its users are increasing by thousands every day, so it’s no surprise that so many companies incorporate it within their social media marketing strategy.

Having a successful Facebook business page to meet your business goals depends on many factors. Here are 10 tips for you to enhance your brand’s Facebook presence:

  • Create a two-way conversation

Instead of posting your blog post titles, ask your followers relevant questions about the content of the post. This will grow their curiosity about the blog post, as well as to encourage them to answer questions and engage in conversation.

  • Choose your featured likes

Your page will show five featured likes. These likes refresh each time there is a new visitor on your page. However, you edit which pages appear. By choosing featured likes, you can be sure to only show pages that relate to your business and appeal to your audience.

  • Use Facebook as a page instead of yourself

Did you know that you can change your profile from acting as an admin on your page to acting as your page on Facebook? This is very useful to connect to other business pages, as well as to leave comments and likes.

  • Share exclusive discounts or promotions

People love to get their hands on exclusive things and also love discounts and promotions. That’s why these two combinations work so well on Facebook. From time to time, offer your followers exclusive discounts or promotions that they can only have access through your Facebook page to keep them engaged.

  • Be timely

Posts that are related to current subjects like events, special days or holidays are more likely to create engagement. Timeliness is also key when replying to comments or questions. The quicker you reply, the more likely fans will engage with you in the future to help build a good reputation.

  • Have a content calendar

This not only gives you organisation and structure, but also makes your life easier so you know what to talk about each week and month. This will ensure your content is well planned, interesting and the frequency of posts is consistent.

  • Schedule your posts

Also to make your life easier, you can schedule your posts (through Facebook or an external social media management tool). This will help you manage your time, make sure you don’t miss important key times and also post when most of your fans are online.

  • Target your posts

If your posts are meant for specific groups of people, you can target your post in your Page’s sharing tool by clicking on the target icon at the bottom left corner and selecting Add Targeting. You can target your post based upon gender, relationship status, educational status, interests, age, location, and language.

  • Be valuable

The main purpose of social media is not for brands to sell their products but to be social. So engage with your followers by delivering content that creates some kind of value to them. It can be something inspiring or funny, a blog post solving a problem, a competition, or whatever your audience prefers.

  • Check your stats

You should check your Page Insights and Google Analytics regularly in order to check what’s working and what’s not working. This will help you not only to understand your audience and what type of content they prefer, but also to understand which type of content drove more traffic to your website.

  • Bonus tip: Keep yourself updated. Facebook (and other social media networks) are always changing its features so make sure you keep yourself up-to-date with the latest changes.

Are you using Facebook as part of your social media marketing and have a great tip to share? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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