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10 Tips To Help Your Social Media Management

Social media management is key to any social media strategy. With so many outlets and channels of communication, a social media strategy can seem daunting. However, sticking to a schedule and utilising social media management tools can make the whole process much more efficient. Here are our top ten tips to streamlining your social media management and maximizing your business’ online potential:

1. Set realistic goals

Before embarking on any social media campaign, ensure that it is one you can maintain. Focus on quality, not quantity.

2. Learn how to analyse information from Google Analytics (or similar)

By having a clear understanding of the data available on Google analytics, and the ability to set up effective campaign tracking, you can streamline your social media management – spending more time on updates that create the most leads.

3. Kick Start a new platform with great content

Upload at least three high-quality posts before going public with your new profile, more content will have a wider appeal and capture an audience more successfully than a blank page.

4. Leverage your networks

If someone else is responsible for a different social network to you, make sure you all know what each other is doing. Social platforms should work hand-in-hand with one another.

5. Use Hootsuite

Save time by using the Hootsuite interface – it combines many of your social media networks and has tools to measure engagement, grow audiences, schedule posts (occasionally!) and monitor feeds.

6. Be Consistent

Work out how much time you have to spare for social media management and stick to it.  Also remember to be consistent and stick to your strategy.

7. Set a time limit

Social media can be distracting. This is why your plan is key. Log in, get the work done and then log out upon completion to avoid drifting.

 8. Set the tone

Agree on a company tone of voice for all social networks. The key to is efficiency so sticking to one tone should make writing copy quicker and easier.

9. Prioritise networks

This is why analytics tools are important – monitor which networks work best for your business and put those networks higher up on your social media management schedule.

10. Enjoy it

Social media management is just that – social. It gives your business a voice and opens up opportunities for you to communicate with your clients. Make the most of it!

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