10 Tips To Improve Your Email Conversion Rate

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Today we’re sharing our 10 tips to improve your email conversion rate. Let’s start with the basics – nowadays we are swamped with terms and phrases when concerned with digital marketing and we want to give you a succinct definition of what we mean by “email conversion rate”. Your email conversion rate is a performance metric: it is a marker for the success of your email marketing campaign. Any action taken on your email by the recipient can be noted as an email conversion; be it a registration, a purchase, a click-through or any other action taken as a direct result of your mail out.

Here are our 10 tips to improve your email conversion rate. Quick & effective methods of enticing users to engage with your email marketing:

1. Have a plan

Set out and define some clear goals and objectives. What is it that you want to achieve – more click-through’s to your site? More downloads, or more ticket sales? Defining these will help you to refine your email marketing content.

2. Use a strong subject line

Be eye catching and not irritating. Remember to include your company name in the “From” and subject line so fewer readers hit the “This is spam” button.

3. Stay away from ‘spammy’ habits

Avoid caps lock and lots of exclamation marks. Learn how spam filters work so you can avoid the pitfalls.

4. Personalise your subjects and emails

This is easily done with most email marketing software. You can include the users’ name in either the subject line or in the main body text.

5. Match your content with your subject line

You’ve enticed customers with your catchy one-liner, now don’t disappoint. Create quality, interesting and useful content that satisfies the curiosity you create with your subject line. If your email doesn’t disappoint, your readers will be less likely to unsubscribe, more likely to engage and to read subsequent emails.

6. Review your email marketing list regularly

Hard bounces are a sign of a stale list, keep in touch with your subscribers regularly and continually add to your list to increase your email conversion rate. People are more likely to read your content if they have subscribed recently.

7. Include hyperlinks in your main body text

To improve your email conversion rate we are trying to encourage users to interact with your email conversion rate. By including hyperlinks and making them visible and interesting will increase your chances of readers clicking-through. The content you are directing them to also needs to be of high value to them which will encourage them to read subsequent emails and content from you.

8. Include images in your email to capture attention

Blocks of text within email marketing can be dull. Many of us tend to skim-read content, show don’t tell with strong visuals!

9. Always put a ‘share’ button into your email

This can increase the size of your list and increase your conversion rate, without you having to do a thing!

10. Invite readers to reply

If you want your readers to listen to you, you must be prepared to hear from them. A simple statement: “If you have any questions, drop us a line, we promise to respond within 24 hours.” This personalises the email, and could provide you with valuable feedback to make the conversion rate even higher with your next campaign.

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