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10 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Business Blog

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 27 Oct 2014 by Carla
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Posting regular content to a business or company blog is a great way of engaging with your customers, providing value to your industry and giving an insight into the people behind a brand. Increasing your readership and engaging your users is the key to running a successful blog. Here are our top 10 tips to increase traffic to your business blog.

1. Headline

Possibly the most important part of the post. Your customers will read your headline and within a couple of seconds, they will judge whether or not it is worthy of them clicking through to read the rest of the article. Grabbing the reader’s attention and describing what the post is about is the key to a good headline.

2. Tell People About it – Social Media

Ensure that once your post goes live that you tell your users about your latest post. Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn should all be used to promote the latest posts. These channels should also be used to promote relevant content to time-relevant events or if a customer has a question on a topic or product.

3. Make it Visible on Your Website

We often find some really interesting blogs providing lots of great content that we came across via social media. But, if you visit their website and homepage it is incredibly difficult to find a link to the blog section. Make sure the blog is visible either in the main navigation or somewhere visible on the homepage. You can’t always expect your site visitors to find the blog if it’s hidden away.

4. Write Engaging Content

It can often seem too difficult to find interesting topics to blog about especially if your industry isn’t initially perceived as ‘exciting’. However, every industry has its key dates and events that happen each month. Whether that is a trade conference or seasonal event there is almost always something that you can provide an opinion or analysis on in your chosen sector.

5. Share your Content via Google Plus

Still a hugely underutilised social network, Google plus offers a lot of SEO benefit to your posts as well as providing a different platform to engage with users.

6. Also Share on LinkedIn

Similar to the point above, LinkedIn is full of business professionals in your industry who like to engage with content regarding their industry. Share your posts and encourage a debate by posting questions or by directly asking someone for their opinion.

7. Write Timely Content

When key events related to your industry break or are becoming popular topics it is a good idea to get involved and provide some insight into the issue. Whether the blog post just discusses what the news is or whether you want to write an opinion based article on it, getting it in a timely manner can provide increases in traffic.

8. Ensure Your Content Can be Read Easily on all Devices

It is important to consider how your users interact with your blog content. Check your Google Analytics data and segment visitors to your blog page to see what percentage of your users are viewing on a desktop, tablet and mobile device. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website/blog you will risk losing visitors and certainly won’t retain a loyal readership.

9. Engage With Comments on Your Posts

If someone posts a comment on your blog whether this is on the website or via social media ensure that a member of the team or the author responds quickly and engages with the user. If someone has taken the time to respond to your article then make sure you make the effort to respond to them.

10. Link Internally and Externally to Other Relevant Posts

If any of your existing content or any external posts can provide value to your post then make sure you mention the article and provide a link to the page (internal or external). Linking to other blogs that can improve the content of your post should be done as often as possible.

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