10 tips to use Facebook for Business

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FacebookFacebook is the go-to social media network. Established in 2004, the network celebrated its tenth birthday in January of this year and to date has an astonishing 1,230 million users worldwide. With this many users, and the majority of working-age adults in the UK logging onto the site numerous times a day, can your business really afford not to be part of it? Take some useful pointers from the SocialB blog today; ’10 tips to use Facebook for business’.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but here at SocialB the UK’s leading social media experts, we’ve curated our top 10 tips to use Facebook for business to help you get started. Once you’re up and running, who knows where Facebook could take you!

  • Join Facebook!

If you’re not yet part of Facebook, you should be! Use your email address and get connected!

  • Create a page for your business

Now you have a personal profile, create one for your business using the ‘pages’ tool. Add in your basic information: opening times, contact details, location.

  • Populate your page

You won’t get any ‘likes’ without first engaging potential customers. Add images, comments and videos to create an identity for your business on Facebook.

  • Decide on a tone of voice for your brand and stick to it

Is your business formal, conversational, prophetic, informative or fun? Do you speak in first person or third person? Do you use emoticons or correct punctuation? Whatever you decide, stick to it and use it to increase your brand identity.

  • Invite people to like your page

Ask your immediate friends and family, existing customers and suppliers to like your page. In turn friends of friends will be aware of this endorsement and will (hopefully) also like your page. And so begins the social network!

  • Update your page regularly

Work with SocialB to create a social media strategy for your business and work out how often, and what, you should be posting on Facebook. The platform is fast-paced – you have to keep people interested! Don’t forget to manage your time efficiently too.

  • Interact with others

We all get a kick out of someone else giving us positive feedback or endorsements. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Like, share and comment on other businesses pages. They will probably reciprocate.

  • Incentivise your potential customers

Learn the true value of your followers by offering them a special deal on your product or service via Facebook. True followers will take you up on your offer, allowing you to gauge their efficacy.

  • Keep it up!

Keep going – you’ve done the legwork – now to keep riding on the crest of the wave!

  • Have fun!

This is one of SocialB’s mottos. Enjoy curating your page and interacting with your customers thanks to our 10 tips to use Facebook for business.

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