20 Keywords You Should Use In Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Every time you send an email to your database of customers and potential customers your goal is for them to open it, read it and act upon it. That’s why the words you choose to write in your emails are so important. They have to be powerful and engaging, from the subject line to the call-to-action, so they influence emotions and persuade action.

Of course, each email is different from the other and each business has their own tone of voice, but there are certain words that are time-tested to boost response and conversion rates.

Here are the top 20 words:

1. You

Your emails should be written as if you’re directly talking to only one customer. Using the word “you” makes each one of them feel that.

2. Free

Because we all like free things.

3. Value

This word suggests that the reader is getting something instead of losing something. They’re not losing money, they’re getting a valuable benefit from your product/service.

4. Easy

Make it simple for customers to read your email and go through the next step in the purchasing process.

5. Instant

Instant downloads, access, and gratification are more appealing than waiting.

6. The

This shows that your solution is the “end-all-be-all”. Example: “Best 3 solutions to save money” versus “The 3 best solutions to save money”.

7. New

We all like to know about new and innovative things and this word shows that your product or service is at the top of their game.

8. Secret

Tell your customers that there is a certain secret about a specific situation and that you can reveal it to them.

9. Results

Your customers want to know what is new, instant, valuable, free or easy. But, at the end of the day, they want results from it.

10. Premium

The word premium denotes high quality to a product or service.

11. How

Your customers want solutions, so show them how to do certain things or how they can benefit from what you’re offering.

12. Save

A powerful word that shows monetary or time savings.

13. Everything

This word shows that your customers don’t need to go anywhere else to get what they need, you can provide them with everything.

14. Amazing

People are really curious to continue reading and see what is that is amazing.

15 .Fantastic

The same effect as the word amazing.

16. Proven

Shows that your product or service is tried-and-true.

17. Exclusive

People love to feel that a certain product or offer is exclusive to just a small important group of people – them included.

18. Now

This word encourages people to act because it creates a sense of urgency. You can use it in your call-to-action.

19. Off

If you can offer your customers and incentive like 50% off or £20 off your next purchase, you’ll raise interest quickly and give them an incentive to buy.

20. Sale

Sale is the old faithful of marketing words. While it is used by many businesses, it still has the power to motivate customers.


Which keywords and call-to-actions do you find work best in email marketing? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @SocialBuk

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