20 Tips To Instantly Improve Your PPC

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Paid Search (PPC)

Last year was a whirlwind year in the land of PPC and 2015 promises to be no different, with many opportunities for businesses that want to invest in Pay-Per-Click.

If you’re starting using PPC or are looking to restructure your account and make big changes, you need to make sure you take secure steps. PPC doesn’t happen overnight and nothing is 100% guaranteed so starting or improving the right way is imperative.

So without further ado, here are 20 amazing tips for you to instantly improve your PPC:

1. If you’re an e-commerce, make sure you have revenue tracking set up in Google Analytics.

2. Through Google Analytics, set up remarketing and create separate ad groups to target different people.

3. Mobile PPC is growing as fast as Google says it is, take advantage of that.

4. Run keyword detail reports every week. These reports are important in finding nee keywords to add to your account.

5. Use negative keywords to delete irrelevant searches and wasted spend.

6. In order to make decisions look at the date within AdWords and Analytics only. Don’t search for your own ad online since it is not a good indication of performance.

7. Send your users to the relevant landing page for each keyword or ad group and remember, your homepage is not a landing page that converts!

8. Try different elements of landing pages to see which ones work best and to maximize conversion rate.

9. Make sure your ads have a call-to-action and are relevant to the keywords searched.

10. You can integrate AdWords with your CRM system in order to have a better understanding of the value of each click.

11. Take your daily budget into consideration when choosing max cost-per-click and keyword match types.

12. Use quotes. Search engines only trigger ads when keywords in your phrase are matched. To create phrase match keywords, surround your keyword phrases in quotes.

13. Use dayparting: this allows you to choose when your ads are shown. This allows you to optimize for traffic that actually converts and also maximize ads for prime sales time

14. Use geotargeting: this enables you to target your ads to a very specific ad location.

15. Use Google Places and +1. Make sure you have linked AdWords with Places if you rely on local business.

16. Get smarter with display advertising. Learn how colors, words, & images work together. Master real targeting.

17. With the rise in mobile searches and the PPC changes with enhanced campaigns, you must test ads by device.

18. When creating your PPC campaign, ask the initial question of what your Goal out of this campaign is? Your PPC campaign will be strategically directed to this goal.

19. If you are at a loss for words, find someone else that can say it better and add credibility! Use quotes from influencers, reputable sources, case studies, celebrities or better yet, testimonials from existing clients!

20. Integrate PPC with your overall digital marketing strategy. PPC shouldn’t be an isolated technique and you should invest in other areas such as SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Over to you

Do you have other PPC tricks that work for you and you would like to share? Please use the comment section below.

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