3 essential ways to search for conversations on social media

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iStock_000003597971_MediumMarket Research has traditionally been a lengthy and expensive process – organising phone polls, devising questionnaires and gathering data directly from customers – many of whom have precious little time to spend sharing their views with businesses. With the huge global reach of social media – time consuming processes are becoming a thing of the past with an increasing number of people using the Internet to gather data. Most of this data is free; all you need is the time to find it! Let us tell you how with our “3 essential ways to search for conversations on social media.”

At SocialB we encourage everyone to be part of the social media conversation. In order to research your market and find out more about your target audience, you should absorb yourself in the online conversations that are taking place amongst your target audience, your competitors and your field in general. This will equip you with the knowledge you need to improve your products and services, and can also open doors by finding opportunities to market your business directly to your desired consumers. Jump in! Here are a few handy pointers from the SocialB team, who have compiled their “3 essential ways to search for conversations on social media” to help you to find out invaluable information for your business:

1. Search hashtags on Twitter and Instagram which are relevant to you and monitor them

Online communities use hashtags to communicate – using instagram as an example there is the popular hashtag #MUA which showcases make-up artists and their work, or #urbangardenersrepublic which is a worldwide community of people who are growing anything in whatever tiny patch of land they have. By working out which hashtags your target audience use will allow you to follow and gather data from them, in turn becoming involved and influential within their communities.

2. Search posts which are local to your business

Use Google, Facebook or Instagram to search your locality – read reviews on other Facebook pages or Google places to see how your competitors are doing in your area, or to learn what it is that your target market are looking for. This search can also help to identify a niche as many villages, towns and even streets have community Facebook pages which is used as a local forum where residents discuss issues, needs and wants. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

3. Use the search bar on each social media platform

With well-researched keywords, simply typing these into social media platforms can throw-up heaps of useful information. It can also guide you to key-influencers in your field and provide you with information on the most popular of your keywords, what people are talking about, what your competitors are up to – it is also a great way to link up with like-minded people and complementary businesses you may be able to work with for your online marketing or offline collaborative projects.

Come and discover the SocialB difference for yourself. We offer training courses across all aspects of social media, including more hints and tips on essential ways to search for conversations on social media from one-off essential courses, to masterclasses or bespoke in-house training sessions. Take a look at our online resource today to find out more.

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