3 great ways to attract more leads from LinkedIn

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LinkedinIt can feel like a thankless task when you’ve been posting enthusiastically and shaping your LinkedIn profile for months, yet the quarterly reports show an unforgiving flat-line for LinkedIn leads and conversions. All is not lost, you’ve a wealth of data from your posting activities so far and several key documents already sitting on your company drives that can help you attract more leads from LinkedIn interactions.

1. Prepare a LinkedIn strategy that ties in neatly with your existing marketing strategy

Dig out your marketing strategy. Remind yourself of the competitors, locations and related businesses you identified during the planning process. Search for them on LinkedIn. You’ll find shared connections, learn how the competition is using its presence to attract more leads and find groups dedicated to the geographic locations you need to reach.

A crucial part of this kind of planning is identifying your target market and what makes them tick. Get to know the individuals you aim to connect with. Which kinds of groups do they tend to join? Are there clear trends in the types of posts they share or engage with?  Which of your posts have already been successful? What are the demographics of your current LinkedIn connections?

2. Include LinkedIn activities in your marketing campaign schedules

You may have an established process for planning out the year’s campaigns or promotions that cover a whole range of adverts, printed materials and launch events. Make sure you include LinkedIn networking, posts and messaging as an integral part of any tactical plans you implement.

Consider how you can bring traditional offline promotions to life on LinkedIn and engage your connections as part of product launches.

Create weekly interaction schedules that take into account important stages in your campaigns as well as topical or seasonal themes.

3. Roll out the red carpet – prepare your LinkedIn shopfront

Revisit your business plan. Compare its early chapters with the content, look and feel of your profile page. Have you prepared a welcome consistent with your mission statement and goals?

Make it easy for new leads to find you by weaving in keywords and phrases into your company page or profile that are most likely to be used by people who’ll be looking for the sorts of solutions or products in your range. This is a great way of boosting your search engine optimisation as well as your visibility in LinkedIn searches.

Prepare ‘sticky’ copy that greets the people who do connect with your LinkedIn presence. Ensure that when they see it, your page or feed is current and lively. Encourage debate and discuss industry news regularly.

Think through a number of likely customer journeys through from your posts, discussions or your profile through to your company page. Consider the message each journey gives about your brand, service and employees. How easy is it for visitors to your profile or company page to contact you about an initial meeting or quotation? Identify where you could do more to encourage leads to connect rather than pass you by.

It’s often said that attracting leads on social networks is all about playing the long game. Attracting good quality leads on LinkedIn is about building lasting trusted networks and avoiding the hard sell. Prioritise building your status as a trusted member of an online community of prospects, suppliers and colleagues. Weave into that foundation the time honoured marketing basics that all the best leads and conversions are made of.

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