3 Lesser Known But Useful AdWords Features

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Google is always reinventing AdWords and adding new features to help advertisers get better ROI from the platform. Here are some lesser known but useful AdWords features that can help you get more value for your money.

Call Only Ads

Call only ads are designed for mobiles and smartphones where people can directly call your business from their handheld devices. These ads are specifically used to target people who want to call your business and a click on these ads does not lead people to a landing page but it translates to a call to your business number. 

call only ad

If your company places more value on a phone call compared to a website visit, then this feature is a must try! You can opt for a bidding strategy based on the value of a phone call to your business.

Call-only campaigns are available for campaigns targeting the Search Network. This includes “Search Network only” and “Search Network with Display Select” campaign types.

In order to create a call only ad, you will need to input the following information.

call only ad

If you would like people to have the option of calling you as well as visiting your landing page then call ad extensions would be better suited for your needs.

Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads appear at the top your Gmail inboxes. It appears as a small collapsed ad which is clickable. Upon clicking this ad, it opens up an expanded version of the ad. The experience is similar to clicking on an email preview link which opens up the main email body, hence making this a very intuitive ad format. The expanded ads can contain text, images, video and forms.

Google only charges you when someone clicks on the collapsed ad. Interactions with the expanded ad are not chargeable.

gmail ads

People can interact with your expanded ad in different ways, depending on your ad layout. They can play video, fill out a form, click to go to your website, or (when they’re on mobile) click to call or to go to an app marketplace.

For a detailed explanation on how these work, you can read our blog article about Gmail ads.

Remarketing For Shopping

Remarketing for search ads was introduced by Google around 2013. However, were you aware that you can also use these lists for your shopping campaigns?

Google shopping is growing by leaps and bounds and is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, some marketers are of the opinion that it might surpass search in the near future. Due to the tremendous growth and future potential in Google shopping campaigns, it would be foolish not take advantage of this advertising channel.

You can use the same remarketing lists that you create for your search campaigns.

Remarketing in shopping allows advertisers to tailor bids for many different actions, including specific page visits, cart abandonments and previously converting customers.

Whether you are a seasoned in using Google Shopping or just a newbie, the RLSA targeting option is a great feature to use to your advantage.

Have you come across any other AdWords features that are lesser known but useful? We would like to hear from you. Please feel free to provide feedback in our comments section below.

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