3 Reasons Why Social Media Is Planting Seeds In Agriculture

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veal-286826_640This year has clearly been marked by a major increase in agriculture businesses starting to invest in social media marketing.

This is a sector where traditionally all information related to agriculture exchange has been dominated by media such as newspapers, television and magazines.

But with so many agriculture influencing and activist groups using social media, businesses in this sector are now shifting from traditional media into the online world.

The reason? The opportunity to connect with thousands of people interacting and talking about food, farming, nutrition amongst other themes.

It is clearly an amazing opportunity and we can say without any question that social media is planting seeds in solid ground regarding the Agriculture sector.

If you’re a business in the Agriculture sector considering in investing in social media, here are the 3 main reasons why you should do it:

1. Opportunity to connect and interact

If you do a search on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin about Agriculture topics, you’ll find hundreds of conversations taking place, between customers, industry influencers, bloggers, distributors, journalists, etc.

It is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in these conversations and showing your expertise in your specific subject.

The reason why? It will attract your desired audience and potential customers, give you brand exposure and awareness, connect you with industry influencers and the media having the possibility to create and nurture strong relationships.

2. Opportunity to educate your audience

When you get involved in all those conversations taking place, you have an amazing opportunity to show your expertise and to truly educate people.

98% of the population aren’t in the agriculture sector or in food production, so how can we expect them to understand today’s practices, the origin of food and what’s really happening?

People are very health conscious these days and they turn to social media to get answers to their many questions. By being there, you can respond to those questions and educate them by sharing your own knowledge and experiences, providing real value and increasing your brand awareness and reputation.

3. Opportunity to know more about your industry

Being on social media is also a great opportunity for an Agriculture business to educate themselves and to be on top of their game.

Social media will provide you with the latest news and information about your specific niche and about the industry, in general, so you know firsthand what’s happening in your sector.

This can lead to ideas for you to create blog posts, whitepapers, tutorials, videos, etc, that will educate and inform your audience. It also presents an opportunity to show that you’re on top of your game and you’re an informed and trusted business where people can rely upon.

Over to you.

Are you in the Agriculture sector and leveraging the use of social media? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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