3 reasons why video is more important than ever on Facebook

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With Facebook dominating the world of social media and with around 1.2 billion users scanning their timelines for interesting, and possibly viral, content, it seems that now is better than ever to engage with your followers through visual content. But what should you be doing and showing to ensure your business is reaching it’s maximum potential by using video?

Show and tell

waitroseAs the popularity of DIY Pinterest boards have shown us, people get excited at new ideas and are keen to try them out quickly and respond with the feedback. Video works at it’s best here, providing detailed show and tell instructions, from DIY and fitness to beauty tutorials and recipes. Appeal to your target audience, for example Mum’s, and show them why your tutorial is convenient for them, like Waitrose does here.

Use industry influencers

BabylissUtilise your brand advocates! If you see they are using your products and praising them, ask them to film a review. The power of the blogger/vlogger comes very much in handy here. Popular bloggers have a huge influence on how products sell and by using them in product reviews, tutorials and adverts. You are essentially doubling your exposure by not only appealing to your existing fans but harnessing the extremely loyal fan base of the blogger too.

Here, Babyliss feature popular blogger Lily Melrose to film a tutorial around how to #GetYourLook using their straighteners.

Don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon

TopshopTrends are trends for a reason, everyone follows them! During the hysteria of the Apple iPhone 6 release, Swedish furniture giants IKEA used this hype to create a video parodying Apple’s launch videos to release their 2015 catalogue, excitedly announcing that it will use ‘book’ technology for it’s new catalogue, which promises no cables, eternal battery life and “no lag, no matter how fast you scroll”. The video attracted huge amounts of attention all by jumping on the bandwagon, fair play IKEA. We saw trend targeting at it’s most powerful this year with the hugely popular Ice Bucket Challenge raising awareness for various charities, most notably the ALS Association. Mums, dads, kids, grandparents, celebrities and company’s all took part to be soaked in ice-cold slushy water. Brands could not only show off their fun side but also show their ethics and compassion in one easy, and pretty funny, charitable challenge.

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