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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Pay-Per-Click

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 22 Dec 2014 by Carla
Paid Search (PPC)

Google Adwords is just one of the many marketing platforms Google is successful in. The Adwords platform and other Pay-per-click platforms such as Bing, Facebook etc allow businesses from all over the world to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people/consumers click on the ads. The mechanics of the platforms are focused to keywords however there are additional ways to target your audience with Adwords, alternatively known as Pay-per-click. Here at SocialB we want to keep you posted on all opportunities available to you and how best they can work for you. On today’s blog, we discuss “3 reasons why you should invest in Pay-per-click”.

Before diving straight in to trying to set up an Adwords account, it is really important to consider your marketing mix and your objectives so any future developments around Pay-per-click activity has a purpose. Make sure you know where Pay-per-click could fit within your consumer journey. Here are our 3 reasons why you should invest in Pay-per-click:

1. Reach people at the precise moment they’re searching for what you offer

Reaching your target audience can be hard. Who are they? Where are they? and how can you get your brand in front of them?  Rather than pushing marketing efforts Pay-per-click pulls audiences with marketing messages, your audience comes to your ads! This audience can then be targeted in a number of ways such as keywords, location, time of the day and more. Your audience is using Google daily why not invest in targeting them?

2. Control your budget to maximize ROI

Another reasons why you should invest in Pay-per-click is the control you have to work on the ROI that fits your business model. As a business you will only pay each time a consumer clicks on one your ads therefore if they keyword, ad and landing page are all optimized for the targeted audience and they click that is a potential high quality cost that could go on to convert or become a brand ambassador. The more data the accounts build the more data you have to use in the optimization of the ROI figures.

3. Real-time optimization and reporting

Time is of the essence for any business. Pay-per-click activity works in real time, you can see your data in real time and you can make changes to your activity in real time. This allows offers, sales, corporate messages to all be changed within minutes for your audience to benefit from. Also what are your competitors pushing currently? Could you beat that offer by changing your ad copy today?

If you need help getting started with Pay-per-click or need a little advice give us a Tweet @SocialBuk with any questions

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