3 Reasons Why You Should Share Other’s Content

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7K0A0896Whilst it is imperative that every brand create their own unique and original content and show their own expertise by writing blog posts, whitepapers, images, videos, tutorials, and other content, it is also a good marketing strategy to share other’s great content on social media. After all, sharing it is one of the main reasons people go on social media!

Here are the 3 main reasons why you should share other’s content on social media:

1. Attract your audience

Finding great content (aka curating content) from other parties and share them in your social media pages with the relevant keywords is a must for attracting your audience!

They’ll see that you not only share great content but you’re a business that is tuned into what’s happening beyond your own brand. And this is very appealing!

You need to be careful though when curating content. Not every piece of content is good just because is related to your industry or products. Make sure it is really amazingly thought leadership content that delivers value to your audience.

2. Connect with influencers and media

A good strategy when sharing other’s content is to choose content from people you want to get attention from and connect, like industry influencers and media like journalists and bloggers. It is not just because they usually create great content themselves, but because they can really help you with your own brand development.

When you share their content, you share without asking for anything in return and if you think “oh they have so many people sharing their content, they won’t even notice”, think again!

Most of them DO notice and will even thank you for sharing. After all, they’re influencers because they’re always on the lookout for what’s happening in their industry!

If you use that as an initial point of conversation, you can then engage with them and start a valuable relationship.

And why not sharing great content from your own staff and customers too!?

3. Have an editorial calendar

Writing the weekly or monthly editorial calendar for several social media profiles is not an easy task. You need a mix of content between your own original content, sharing other’s content and also sales-related updates.

The secret of a successful social media strategy is keeping your sales-related updates to a minimum and your valuable content to a maximum.

So that’s why sharing other’s content is so good for your editorial calendar, especially when you have limited time to create or write your own original content.

There are many ways to find good content, like doing searches around keywords, searching content on the influencer’s profiles, RSS Feeds, or using specific content search tools like Buzzsumo or Topsy.

Having others content to share will make your life easier when creating your editorial calendar.

Over to you!

Are there any good reasons for you to be sharing other’s content on your social media strategy? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Sharing is, of course, at the heart of referral marketing. Sharing content from your referral partners will help build your relationship. It will also motivate them to share your content too. What is more powerful you sending out a blog “look what I know/think” or someone else saying “look how interesting x is, she is a real expert in her field”

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