3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Google Plus

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Google Plus

The Google Plus question is something we get asked about a lot. Depending on what your business does and its target market you may already have made a start on Facebook or Twitter you have lots of contacts on there already. So what are the reasons why your business should be on Google Plus?

1. Lots of useful features in one place. Have you tried Hangouts yet?

Creating a Brand page.

It’s your profile page that tells everyone about your business, links to your website and social media pages, and shows your latest updates.

Claiming authorship

Give Google Plus the links to any articles you have written on the internet and it will show a mini version of your Google Plus profile next to the result to boost your reputation as an expert.

Using hashtags

Yes, you can use Hashtags on Google Plus. With their origins on Twitter, these dynamic symbols – added to a word to categorise your update by subject matter – connect you to people looking for businesses like yours.

Hosting hangouts

Far less clunky than their corporate predecessors, these web conferences can get you face-to-face with new customers or existing clients in groups, delivering training, demonstrating new products or simply having a long needed get together.

Joining and creating communities

If there’s a gap on Google Plus for a group of likeminded people who love the kind of products or services you sell, set one up and invite people in your circles to join. You’ll create a vibrant community online that you can tap into when testing or launching new products. Or join some existing communities and get to know the people who make them tick.

2. Spruce up your Google Maps listing

Did you know that the way you appear on Google Maps and the listing potential customers see is all controlled by a Google Places page that you can edit? These pages work in a very similar way to Google Plus pages. So once you’ve sussed out how to use Google Plus you can manage this along with your overall Brand page for maximum impact

3. Dazzle in the search results

Once you’ve set up your Brand and Places pages and you’ve completed the process where Google verifies your address, you’ll gradually notice a difference in how your business details appear in Google Search. Pictures you’ve added to your Place page appear along with your opening hours and more, in a box on the top right of the search results page.

Some business find Google Plus beats the other platforms hands-down, others find that their customers aren’t quite up to speed on how it works, so devote time to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook instead. What’s clear is that there are benefits to maintaining an up to date page and connecting with contacts on Google Plus at the very least so that your business is recognised by Google when it ranks pages in its search engine or maps. Talk to people in your target market to see if it’s somewhere they go for updates on a regular basis. If so, devote some time to understanding the benefits of circles for finding new leads.

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