3 Reasons Why You Should Train Staff To Use Social Media

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Social media marketing is nowadays a valuable strategy for any healthcare company.

Since many of their clients or potential clients are using social media to review medical companies or ask for medical advice, it’s a good idea to be there and connect with your audience.

Whilst every healthcare company should have someone solely responsible for their social media activities, it is also a good idea to allow other employees to engage in actively promoting your company and interacting with customers via social media platforms. They are probably already using it and can be your best brand ambassadors!

You’ll find that your staff has different levels of understanding and using social media and a social media training plan might be a good idea so they know how to use it properly in regards to promoting your healthcare business and connect with your audience.

Here are 3 main reasons why you should train your staff on how to use social media:

1. They’re involved in your marketing efforts

Chances are your staff is already using social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter and also are talking about their jobs and/or your healthcare business.

Providing them social media training is a good way to get them better involved in your marketing efforts. They’ll know exactly why your company is investing in social media, what are your marketing goals and strategies and they will feel involved in the process and encouraged to share your content with their peers or even create their own content!

2. They can be your best brand advocates

The staff that really enjoy social media and are motivated to help you promote your business can become your best brand advocates!

A brand advocate is someone that is really involved with your brand and will like and share your content and will also recommend it to their peers. They can also be of great value in detecting conversations around your brand that can escalate and turn into a major issue.

3. Your brand is better protected

Many of your staff deals directly with your clients on a daily basis and so it might happen they also liaise with them on social media.

By providing social media training to your staff, you’re in reality protecting your brand by telling them about the regulations of the healthcare system: what’s acceptable and what’s not, what they can do and say or what they shouldn’t do and say and, more importantly, what’s the difference between a personal and a professional account. That’s why it’s important to deliver a tactical how-to training!

All these guidelines will help you keep your online image consistent and avoid any issues with using social media.

If needed, you can provide different training plans to different people: customer service advisors, doctors and nurses, etc.

Your social media training should be delivered in a way that you’ll reach these goals:

  • Your employees really understand why you’re on social media and its brand benefits
  • How they can help your brand to achieve the desired goals
  • How they can help the clients regarding customer service, educating them, supporting them, connecting with them

Following the training, you might feel the need to create a social media policy for your employees to have a guide they can refer to.

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