3 Simple Tips To Improve Your Social Media Engagement

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Social media isn’t a numbers game, its all about engagement. Once you have set up your TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and perhaps a Google Plus account (personal accounts only allowed at present) how can you engage with clients and potential clients?

Here are my 3 simple tips to improve your social media engagement:

  • Add ‘tweet’ ‘like’ and ‘G+’ links to your website.  If you have a photo gallery add these links to each image, if you have products add them to each product.  It may sound a very simple thing to do but you would be surprised how many people don’t do this.  I added this functionality to one of my client’s websites recently and it made a massive difference.
  • Ask questions, opinions, share information – not just about your product.  A great example of this is Supersavvyme on Facebook, a Procter & Gamble Facebook page.  They talk about cocoa facts, pasta as a meal time

    favouriteand other weird and wonderful facts not even relating to their products,

    howeverthey get great interaction and engagement with their audience.

  • Respond and interact with people and be human.  So many brands fail on this simple tip.  The whole idea around social media is being ‘social’ and being part of a community you have created.  If someone follows your say ‘Hi’ and thank them (you can do this as a group thing if you get lots of followers).  If people RT your message again thank them for doing so.

As you can see none of these ideas are rocket science just straight forward thinking.  From using these social media tips and some other straight forward social media strategy ideas one of our clients now receives enquiries via their Twitter and Facebook accounts every day!

If you would like to know more about social media marketing and / or perhaps look at attending some social media training then please feel free to visit the links we have provided.

I hope you have found our 3 simple tips to improve your social media engagement useful.

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