3 Tips For Healthcare Customer Service On Social Media

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shutterstock_94051795Reliable customer service is one of the most important features in any business, no matter what industry you’re in. With the prominence of social media in today’s online society, customer service now also translates to online activity. There are some key points you need to remember when using social media within the healthcare industry for customer service:

1)      Respond quickly

Customers, clients, business professionals and the general public alike are constantly taking to social media to either vent frustration or sing the praises of companies, individuals or issues they have faced. By responding quickly to any problems that are being discussed, your audience will see that you’re paying attention to them and this will reassure them in trusting your brand. By responding quickly to any issues, you also limit the amount of brand damage that could be done by leaving a problem unanswered. People can hide behind their social media profiles, so they are not as guarded in what they say. However, it’s not all about damage control – by responding swiftly to positive issues or conversations of a general nature, your audience will feel valued and are consequently more likely to recommend and retain faith in your brand.

2)      Provide valuable insight

Customer service is not only about being there when your audience or customers need you, it’s also about providing them with information that they may not realise they need. By building a reputable presence online through engaging, relevant and important content, your audience will begin to use you as a primary source of information and thus trust your responses and posts more. The healthcare sector primarily works on trust – if your audience don’t trust the value or credibility of your social media messages, why would they trust your services?

3)      Have a strong social media strategy

Your customer service aims and protocols need to be known by your whole team, whether they use your business profiles on social media daily or not. You need to make sure that your team are trained in how to respond professionally to enquiries or questions as well as knowing how to engage with your audience and represent your brand through their own profiles. You need to maintain your trustworthy and valuable reputation throughout your team, making sure your customer service extends throughout your company and is not just a front facing profile on social media.

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  1. Excellent Post. I could not agree more. In fact, one can no longer hide in Social Media. You brand will display easily

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