3 Influential Social Media Marketing Trends For 2015

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Woman on iPhoneSo Facebook isn’t dead yet, in fact its growing and the wealthy kids prefer Instagram. Just two of the trends that we at SocialB think will influence how you will use social media marketing in 2015. While we’re out and about training people how to use the current batch of social media networks support their marketing stratagies, so many of them ask us ‘this has been great, but can we be sure our customers will be on Twitter or Facebook next year?’

We’ll always keep you up to date in our regular Social Media RoundUp blog posts, webinars and courses on all the latest developments of course. The thing is, and we think it’s very exciting, is that consumers are not only embracing social media but they’re demanding that it is taken to the next level. And the biggest surprises come from the baby-boomers and fans of the gogglebox.

1. Consumers are adopting mobile faster than anticipated and have big ideas for social.

In a recent study by the Guardian/SurveyMonkey, 72% of consumers said they believe that social media will soon overtake television as an advertising platform.  Whether this is a resigned acceptance from those who see promoted posts as inevitable or something consumers want, it’s a sign of the maturity of social media as a channel.

Those watching their Facebook page insights recently will have noticed the millennials slipping away to make way for the baby boomers, and in particular the over 65s.  According to findings from Pew Research, Wealthy teens in the US are favouring Snapchat and Instagram with other teens in lower income households sticking with Facebook – perhaps pointing to the affordability of devices as a factor in social media adoption. Similar concerns over sustainability and value have stalled many wearables projects launched over the last few years that may have carried social media apps.

It’s time to revisit your assumptions about the demographics and digital skills of your target market.

2. Marketers are reshuffling their marketing strategies, teams and approaches

Mark Ritson of Marketing Week urged marketers last month to stop putting social media on a pedestal as a magic solution. He has a point. Social media is a great and now well-established channel to be integrated into your strategy rather than used as a patch for ailing campaigns. What social media has taught us is that providing digital customer experiences that are relevant, and cleverly anticipate the way they want to shop or explore online content, attracts repeat custom. Facebook have reflected this way of thinking in their algorithm reviews this year, limiting the reach of adverts and rewarding genuinely creative content that people can’t wait to read. Using this insight from the social media world throughout all your marketing channels or activities should now become the norm.

3. Social Networks continue to spring up, attract youngsters and get snapped up by the old guard

It’s not so much a question these days of ‘which social media platform will replace Facebook or Twitter?’, it’s more about how will extra modules be assimilated into them in the form of contenders like Periscope, Twitter’s latest acquisition. This live footage app attempts to harness Twitter and extend it with what’s been dubbed as ‘the closest thing to teleportation’ by the Telegraph. It remains important to get to know more about your target market’s social media habits, try out the apps they use the most. Find out what potential there is for you to have meaningful creative interactions with them where they spend the most ‘social’ time. This may be a fast moving feast if your product is aimed at young people

What’s your prediction for social media in the future? How will you adapt your social media marketing approach to make the most of it? Tweet us @SocialBuk and let us know!

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