3 Ways Google Shopping Can Help Your Online Sales

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 11 Aug 2014 by Carla
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This article explores Google Shopping, what it is and 3 great ways Google Shopping can help your online sales. As one of the fastest growing functionalities for Google, product search is set to soar and retailers need to be in on that marketing space.

What is Google Shopping? 

Google Shopping is run via AdWords activity and powered via an optimised merchant centre product feed. These ads can be linked up to standard AdWords activity or run in isolation across Google Shopping search.

3 ways Google Shopping can help increase your online sales

1. Users tend to start their online search very broadly, they may not know what they want or the specific details of what they want. This is where SEO and standard PPC may support the user’decision making process. It’s at the point of intent users are then far more specific in terms of knowing what they want and the terms used in their search query, taking ‘work shoes’ to ‘high heel black shoes’. It’s at this point Google Shopping is often interacted with and with an optimised product feed retailers have the opportunity to meet demand and the user journey.

2. More data! What retailer doesn’t want to know how their customers, past, present and future are searching. Just like standard PPC campaigns Google Shopping campaigns provide insight to your audience. Its this data that not only makes your Shopping stronger in terms of optimisation but the learning’s can also be shared and offer insight to develop SEO, PPC, social media in terms of knowing what is popular what’s not and where efforts could be best laid.

3. ROI – Google Shopping gives the retailer the power to work towards a strong ROI. Target demand, optimise for conversion and bid strategically and your ROI could be up and over 90%. Clicks cost but get the balance right with clean and focussed account management and the return could be worthy.

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