How Private Health Clinics Could Use Social Media

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shutterstock_94051795With the major increase of people turning into social media to search for health related information, it’s no surprise that in 2014 we’ve seen also a major increase of healthcare businesses investing in social media marketing.

Social media presents a major opportunity for healthcare clinics to connect with their current or potential clients and industry influencers, and also to increase brand awareness.

This is especially useful when we’re talking about healthcare clinics that rely heavily on marketing and customer engagement.

But how can a healthcare clinic specifically use social media channels for?

Here are 3 ways they could be using social media:

1. Provide an excellent customer service

Social Media can provide you an opportunity to deliver an excellent customer service to your clients/patients.

Social media doesn’t take the place of having other customer service tools available such as on a phone or through your website, but it addresses a real current need when people start to ask healthcare clinics questions online.

Private health care businesses on social media have their clients posting and commenting or asking questions about their services and products. Therefore you should have a strategy to address it successfully and taking advantage of that.

Providing a great customer service on social media means that not only you’re addressing successfully a specific question made by a client but also there are hundreds of other potential clients reading what you’re writing and analysing your (great) attitude. This can help them decide on becoming your client too.

2. Provide valuable content

Social Media lives and breathes valuable content every day.

For a health care clinic this means that you should put yourself on your client’s shoes and deliver content that makes sense for them and adds value for them.  Content that is so good that it begs to be shared.

Health care professionals are compassionate, caring individuals. You need to demonstrate that spirit to your social media audience by addressing their needs, proving value beyond a clinical encounter and engaging them.

Although you should talk about your services, do it in a way that your content is useful for the audience and will make a real difference in their lives. It can be information about new drugs, a cure for a disease, a new service that will make their life easier or reduce waiting time for a consultation, etc. Always focus on your audience needs not on you gaining new clients.

You’re providing a service that hopefully makes life longer and happier therefore by sharing your knowledge you’re creating trust.

And if your content is really good users will want to share it with family, friends and other connections. And sharing on social media is key to your success.

3. Listen and interact

Patients are tweeting everyday about available care and turning to Twitter, Facebook and other networks to discuss their medical experiences and potential new treatments.

Searching for conversations based on your keywords and listening to them can help you discover what’s been talking about, providing insight into what matters most to your audience.

You’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable insights that can drive your marketing strategy forward but also the amazing opportunity to join the conversations taking place and talk to your audience, by sharing your expertise, asking questions, developing new relationships that can help tremendously in your brand awareness and in acquiring new clients.

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