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LinkedinLinkedIn is not just a fantastic tool to connect to colleagues, companies and employers; it’s also a great way to market your business by sharing great content to your company page and groups and engaging with other LinkedIn users. LinkedIn allows you to build solid relationships and partake in debates and discussion with members of a target market or industry, so here are some of the ways you can get the most out of engaging with them on LinkedIn.

1. Post your blog posts and videos

When posting your blog posts or videos, try not to come off as too sales-y or spammy, especially when posting in groups. Engage users in discussion, ask questions like “do you agree?” “what are your views?” etc to engage in a two way dialogue and avoid looking like you’re only there to sell. Use hints and tips and make sure you’re staying relevant to the group topic or industry and to help others find a solution to a potential problem or query.

2. Ask questions

As mentioned above, LinkedIn users love to see hints and tips and will share their knowledge if others ask questions. A great way to get involved in discussion is to ask intriguing questions that people will respond to in many different ways. By engaging in these discussions, other members will know you are active and potentially reach out to you for answers or thoughts in the future.

3. Share!

Most importantly, share content from other users, add your own comments or start a new debate from them. Posts with lots of comments and shares are usually the most visible and by commenting and sharing, you’re connecting with a wider audience than you may have originally realised. By interacting with the original poster, and those who comment thereafter, you may find yourself with a few new connections!

How have you successfully engaged with users on LinkedIn? Do you find commenting and sharing or posting your own original content are the easiest ways of connecting? Let us know at @SocialBuk.

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