3 Ways You Can Use The New Twitter Custom Timeline

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 13 Nov 2013 by Lynsey Sweales

Earlier this week Twitter introduced the new custom timelines allowing us to have more control over how tweets are organised and delivered on this platform.

Twitter has moved fast in the past few months to completely restructure its service. Their core service is still the same, but many of the aspects we came to expect from our timelines (text-only, chronological, updating) are now changing.

Here are 3 ways you can use the custom timeline for your social media marketing:

 1.     Share the best tweets about a specific topic

With this feature, you can create a specific timeline around a particular topic and had the best tweets about it. Since each timeline is public and has its own page on twitter.com, it is easy to share so others can follow along in real time as you add more tweets. This is a great way to be found and get more targeted followers.

This new feature is also a good idea to use if you want to create a running timeline to follow a particular topic or event since this feature will make it easy to do so without cluttering up your main timeline.

Make sure the tweets you choose to add are relevant, interesting and note-worthy because along with building your custom timeline you’ll be also building your reputation to existing and new followers.

2.     Share with other platforms

With your custom timeline, you can share your selected tweets not only inside Twitter but also in other channels as well. This means once you have sufficiently filled your custom timeline, you can choose to share it with friends or embed it into a blog or news post on another platform, helping you reach a wider audience based on their interests.

3.     Program your custom timelines

Twitter also announced the launch of an API that allows you to add your tweets programmatically. Users of the API can program timelines based on logic operators or add the custom timeline creation feature to your own website.

We believe this new feature brings a great opportunity to reach a wider audience that are searching on Twitter for topics related to your industry and obviously a wider audience can mean new targeted followers and influencers. This new feature will also work as an incentive for brands to get more creative and interesting content on Twitter, since their tweets can appear on other’s custom timelines and be seen by an even bigger audience, especially if they appear on the timeline of key influencers.

The custom timeline feature can be set up via TweetDeck and will be rolled to all users over the next few days.

Is your business already using the custom timeline? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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