Where did you start your Twitter journey?

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In honour of Twitter turning 8 years old, it has released a feature from which you can check the first tweet you ever sent from you Twitter profile. This has caused a great stir as you can also check any other ‘unprotected’ profile (if a profile is private, they obviously don’t want you snooping through their tweets!).

So I decided to have a look at a few key influencers in my social media world – workwise obviously, nobody needs to see my private ramblings. So, SocialB, what were you saying?

socialb 1st tweet

A retweet of SocialB CEO Lynsey Sweales being reliably insightful on the way that internet marketing will change, back in January 2012. Well, I think she had that right don’t you? SEO has become an even more of a vital ingredient to social media marketing strategies. If you don’t know what SEO is or you think you need some advice – Lynsey Sweales is the expert to ask.

simonb 1st tweet Follow Lynsey on Twitter; she’s been tweeting since 2009 and Lynsey’s first tweet shows just how varied SocialB’s work can be. Whether you’re a large corporation with an international business base, or a small local business within a village setting – SocialB’s team can help advice and guide you through the vast world of social media.

How about when you check someone’s first tweet and they were doing something fantastic and completely played it cool?simon badman 1st Partner of SocialB, Simon Badman, was in Geneva when he first tweeted – Simon has worked extensively within the educational sector and continues to deliver exceptional social media training to our clients.

The value of an engaging and interesting social media presence is underpinned by knowing the strategic methods of successful social media campaigns whilst aligning these with your business goals. If you aren’t confident in your social media knowledge, why not ask the experts? Here is some more information regarding our social media training & you can follow Simon on Twitter.

simon haly firstSimon Haley is also a Partner of SocialB and is a key influencer in the social media & agricultural world. Simon’s first tweet from back in 2009 gives us an insight in to our Twitter users can address social issues through the power of social media. The use of social media in discussing current affairs is something that has become accepted as a key method of communication and deciphering public opinion. Follow Simon on Twitter.

Are you using social media to its full advantage? We’ve detailed here just a few points on the importance of social media. Are you confident? Contact SocialB on 01223 258000 or email us at info@socialb.co.uk

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