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Twitter feeds everywhere exploded in creative animation last week as, on the 18th June, Twitter announced that you can now post GIF’s direct to your timeline via the Twitter website and iOS and Android mobile apps.

Sharing a GIF on Twitter is as easy as sharing an image, which is essentially what you will be doing. Once posted they will appear with a play button and all it takes is one click to view. The GIF will loop until clicked again to stop.

So what does this mean for your brands? Already, companies have taken on this new Twitter trend with a strong creative flair using stop motion, infographics and instructional videos to keep their customers intrigued and in touch with their products.

Here are some of the ways that well-known brands have been using GIFs in their Twitter feeds and how you could possibly use them too:


Get in touch with the trends

Almost immediately after Twitter announced GIF support, SUBWAY sent out these GIF filled tweets, displaying their products but also showing that the company are constantly engaged with other forms of marketing and brands, with the ‘Game on’ tweet suggesting some friendly competition with other companies jumping on the GIF hype.

Demonstrate your products

If you have a particularly hands on product, a simple demonstration GIF can educate both existing and potential customers about what your product can do. Samsung sent this Tweet, using a tongue in cheek reference to GIF support, to demonstrate how their product can switch to Ultra Power Saving Mode, and how this ultimately effects the phone.


Show your advert

Betty Crocker brand ‘Helper’ went retro and tweeted a GIF of one of their 1980’s advert spots, evoking nostalgia and intrigue from older and younger users alike.


Use your sector to relate to current trends

Italian car company FIAT kept on trend with the World Cup 2014 chatter by cheekily tweeting this GIF of their FIAT 500 zooming around in circles during an Italy match.


Show off!

Now it’s your turn! Following on from the tips, we want to see you upload your own crazily creative Twitter GIFS. You can easily create a GIF using multiple programmes and there’s a great guide here.

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