4 Great Brand Uses Of Instagram Video

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 09 Dec 2015 by Cheryl

Instagram is all about capturing the moment, those sensational, arresting and sometimes intriguing images that communicates your message and depicts the lifestyles of Instagram users.

Businesses too, are marketing their brand and advertising messages through Instagram video, to communicate with their audience. With only 15 seconds in which to get those messages across brands are giving us a glimpse of a story, which is many cases is part of a bigger advertising campaign. Here’s a few brand uses of Instagram video which have grabbed our attention.


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.07.58Lidl have a very joined up approach to their advertising campaigns, with TV and social media complementing and strengthening each other. Whilst their Christmas TV ads have been running, Lidl have featured mini clips of the ads on Instagram to wet your appetite. They have also cleverly built in competitions around the ads, all in a very non salesy approach and very tongue in cheek.


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.51.27Having superstar Katy Perry for their Christmas ad helps, but H&M have not just featured the singing superstar on TV. Their Instagram videos also show the making of the ad, why Katy loves H&M and other mini clips do draw customers attention. H&M are also very good and offering inspiration through their videos by way of putting together outfits using subtle and simple videos to promote their products.


Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver InstagramFrom humble beginnings Jamie Oliver is now a renowned brand, with TV cooking shows, restaurants, books and so on. He uses Instagram video in engaging ways using his quirky and cheeky personality to capture our attention, with a mixture of himself (the brand) and his family, food close up’s and slow mo’s or promoting something that is close to his heart like healthy kids food at his restaurant. Here’s one of his latest videos marketing his magazine.


Oreo InstagramThis is one brand that we can all learn from, they have been at the top of producing social media videos and especially on Instagram over the past few years. Oreo incorporate humour, fun and charm into their Instavideos and have turned a humble biscuit into a celebrated brand recognised the world over by both children and adults. One of the biggest reasons for Oreo’s success is that their videos are highly entertaining and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

In September Instagram introduced 30 second videos for their new video ads (paid advertising) which is great for the big brands, but in many instances a 15 second short burst works better. The world of social media is overflowing with content, and time is precious so condensing your message or producing a series of videos works.

As with all social media, Instagram is not all about self promoting or talking about your products but giving followers an insight into what makes your brand tick. Whilst you can still showcase products with Instagram videos, try doing it in a non salesy, creative and fun way.

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