4 Great Case Studies On Social Media In Agriculture In 2014

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veal-286826_640During 2014, we have seen a major increase in the number of agriculture businesses starting to use social media as a way of communicating with their audiences.

This is not by chance. Businesses in the agriculture sector are much more aware nowadays of the benefits they can have by the use of social media platforms, and many decided successfully to take the plunge.

But how exactly are those agriculture businesses using social media?

Here are the four key examples:

1. Networking

Social Media channels are a valuable place to know other people in the agri sector and to communicate with them, sharing info, engaging in conversations on many industry topics.

This is especially beneficial for isolated farmers/growers that have fewer chances of interacting with other people in the industry.

2. Industry Insight

Social Media is a huge source of information for any sector and a great way for farmers/growers to keep up-to-date to what’s going on in their industry.

By connecting with industry influencers, bloggers and key organisations such as Defra, NFU, BBRO, etc, you can easily take a look at what they’re saying, what’s being shared, and actively participate in the discussions yourself.

3. Marketing

People are nowadays more conscious about their food, they are turning to social media in order to find more relevant information.

They want to know where their food comes from, so social media channels are a great place for farmers/growers to build relationships with their local communities or national suppliers and educate and show insight to those people.

One of the key components for a business to have a successful social media presence is to deliver valuable content to their audience. By providing key information, you’re not only providing value and being seen as an expert but helping your marketing too.

4. Community

Community spirit is very much alive on social media and this is important especially for local farmers/growers.

Building and maintaining a strong social media community is a key example of how the agri sector is using social media.

This doesn’t have to always be related to agriculture or food, there are other hundreds of topics that can be discussed and shared, helping to engage people.

Over to you

Are you using social media? Let us know in the comment section below how it has helped your agri business.

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