4 Great ways to promote your events through social media

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 16 Jun 2014 by Eleanor

168716497Social media is without a doubt, one of the fastest and most effective ways to promote your business’ event. The ease at which you can share information as well as see who is talking about your event enables event promoters to quickly and effectively ‘spread the word’. There are 4 key hints to great event promotion:

1)      Connect – make sure you are connected with key individuals and businesses. Consider who your event is aimed at; this becomes your target audience for your event so you should connect with them across your social media platforms.

2)      Engage –engage with your target audience. This is the best way to promote your event – if your audience is talking about your event and sharing information, then the wider audience seeing these posts could be way beyond your reach as an individual or single company. Your target audience will consist of key industry influencers and those interested in your industry, so connecting with these people directly will encourage them to share your event.

3)      Visual marketing – consider the visual element to your marketing efforts. It is common knowledge that visual elements to posts, be it a graphic, a photograph or a drawing, capture attention online for longer than just a paragraph of words or a single tweet. Consider incorporating visual imagery in to your tweets, emails & blogs – you will be amazed how much more attention something will get with an exciting photograph attached to it.

4)      Promotional offers – consider creating exclusive offers or promotional discounts for those on social media. You can encourage people to share your tweets or posts by offering them a discount for doing so, or even a chance to win something free.

The best way to engage with an audience on social media is to be active and make sure you are communicating with your audience effectively. Listen to our top 4 tips to achieve great success through social media for your event promotion.

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