4 tips to create so-good-they-beg-to-be-shared videos

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Creating great video content can be a challenge if you don’t know what you want your video achieve, and if you do, then how do you make sure the video actually reaches these goals? YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and with over 100 hours of content uploaded every minute, how do you get your video noticed amongst the ocean of videos containing ridiculously cute puppies and kittens being ridiculously cute?

Here are our 4 tips to create so-good-they-beg-to-be-shared videos

1. Use proper equipment for your filming

If you are filming a live action video, make sure you are using quality products to produce your content. Get a decent camera, cheap HD cameras are pretty easy to find these days and one of the most popular brands to use for vlogging is the Flip camera. Make sure you are somewhere that either has amazing natural light or a decent lighting set up indoors to minimise distracting shadows. Try standing in front of a clear light background to stand out. And finally, test your sound. If your camera has a decent microphone then great, but do test the sound in different environments. If you are having trouble with noise quality then it may be an idea to invest in an external microphone.

2. Be original

Ok Go - Here it goes
Ok Go – ‘Here it goes’ music video

An original idea won’t come to you easily but creating something completely unique will give you a larger chance of going viral. American band ‘OK Go’ are seen as the pioneers of creating incredibly unique and fun music videos. But, don’t attempt to copy others! Figure out what’s original about you and your brand and play up to those strengths.

Blendtec - 'Will it blend? - iPad'
Blendtec – ‘Will it blend? – iPad’

3. Showcase yourself/business

Offer the viewer something as a reward for watching your content. Answer Q&A’s, offer opinions on relevant news, announce new products and opportunities and, if you have a product, show them how it works in unique and informative way. Some great examples of this come from Blendtec, a company that sells professional and home blenders. On their YouTube channel, they run a series called ‘Will it blend?’. In these videos they blend anything and everything, from iPhones to Glowsticks. Viewers can suggest what they blend next time at their Facebook page.

4. Add the finishing touches

Make sure you have an intriguing title that clearly demonstrates what the video content contains. The title, along with your description and tags, will add to your SEO so include specific keywords but take care not to keyword stuff! Add links to your other social networks in your description or on your channel page and make sure to share your video content on them.

Remember, trial and error can be a good thing. Experiment with different techniques and methods of video making to find out what works best for you. Put yourself out there, the response from within these communities can lead to fantastic results.

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