4 Tips To Get Your Business Pinterest Off The Ground

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 18 May 2015 by Cheryl

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Pinterest is an under-explored social media platform, and many digital marketers underestimate the value of this image-driven space.

If you are keen to explore the potential of this platform, here are SocialB’s tips to getting started and getting your business Pinterest off the ground.

1. First things first, optimise your profile

As with any social media channel, your profile needs to be optimised. If you follow our blog regularly this concept should be familiar to you. Make sure that your profile is clean and professional, with a clear logo and relevant cover image; and make sure it is searchable – optimise your ‘about’ section with keywords and relevant, concise information about your business.

2. Do your research

The golden rule in social media marketing is to know your audience. You must do your research. It is important to keep an eye on both your competitors and your target audience. Pinterest is a great way to keep an eye on consumer insights and trends, a simple search under Keywords and Categories can reveal a lot, and take your pins from so-last-week to on-point trends. What are your competitors pinning? What pins are getting the best engagement from their followers? What are your target audience pinning? Your boards need to be created with your ideal customer in mind; your aim should be to inspire them.

3. Use Pinterest Business Centre 

Pinterest Business Centre is a valuable resource for anyone that is new to Pinterest. It provides easy access to all the ‘Pin It’ buttons and bookmarklets, which will make it easier for you to keep track of content that you find as you are browsing the internet. A ‘Pin it’ button is nice and easy to implement into your website, and is a very useful tool to have – realistically there is no reason not to have one! Many pinners use Pinterest as a kind ‘wish list’. Look at the ‘Pin it’ button as a ‘save for later’ button – users are engaging with your product and website, and will be reminded of your product long after they leave your site, which may well bring them back.

There is also a catalogue of case studies to give you an idea how it’s done, and downloadable PDF Pinterest Business guides which will show you the ropes of How To Make Great Pins, A Best Practice Guide and Pinterest Analytics.

4. Showcase your products and services, and your expertise in your field

As a business professional, you are undoubtedly very knowledgeable in your field. On social media, it is very important that your audience can see evidence of this expertise through your content and interactions to build trust and confidence. Showcasing your products and services on Pinterest is not as simple as doing so on an eCommerce site, for example. You need to be creative. Pinners aren’t on Pinterest to shop, necessarily. You need to display your products in creative ways, as users are there to be inspired. Inspire them to use your product by displaying it in use.

You can also create related boards, for example, if you sell ski equipment, you can be reasonably sure that your customers enjoy skiing holidays. While a board on ski destinations, or great professional images of professional skiers isn’t directly selling your product, it is tangentially related, and it would be of interest to your audience, working as a way to show your expertise and attract potential customers.


As with every social media platform it is important that you don’t simply broadcast your products. Users will switch off if you appear to be a selling machine, without engaging or providing them with any inspiration or innovation. Engage, share and comment on other users content and often they will reciprocate and explore your boards.

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