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4 Ways To Increase Your Blog’s Conversion Rate

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 18 May 2017 by Shima Khanea

A blog for your business has several benefits for you and your business. It’s a way of attracting new people and returning visitors to your site through different channels such as Social Media, search engines or even word-of-mouth. By having content that stands out you can convert your readers and visitors into paying customers. If you’re not receiving as many conversion you need to hit your target, here are a few things you could do to improve it.

What Is A Conversion For You?

Each business has different goals and a conversion come in many forms. Some businesses prefer a visitor filling out a contact form, for others, it might be the visitor completing a purchase. Establish what an important conversion is for your business and that it’s aligned with your overall business strategy and targets. The blogs you write have the possibility to make that happen, adding call-to-actions in your blogs is one of those ways which we’ll discuss more later on.


Starting to write blogs without an aim or a goal is not going to be beneficial or work very well. The first step you should take is to analyse and research what has already been done and the outcome of it. By using Google analytics you can see the performance of all your blogs over time to see what has previously worked and what hasn’t and then determine the reason behind the success of each blog or why it didn’t work.

You can start with the obvious which is the conversion rate of each blog, is there any blog you have written that stands out more than the others? If yes, note down the qualities of the blog that may have lead to the conversion(s). Things to look out for could include your call-to-actions, where they different somehow? This can be through stronger wording or a different tone of voice. The insights you’ll gain from this will be valuable when creating new content and adding call-to-actions in them.

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When adding CTA’s into your blog, make sure they are relevant to the content provided to the reader. By adding just anything your visitors are less likely to go through and complete the desired conversion rate. Have enough but don’t include too many, otherwise, the interest will drop and they will most likely leave your website. Don’t include things like pop-ups either as this will block your content and might not be GDPR compliant with the upcoming regulation that’s coming into place in May 2018.

Target Audience & Content

If you’re not targeting the right audience, they are even less likely to convert. Put your audience first, think about who are they, their age, demographics and more. Each business targets different groups of people and by targeting everyone or the wrong people, you won’t get anywhere. Once it’s been established who your target audience is you can write your content based on what you know about them, what they would find beneficial to read about. This will help you increase the chances of them converting as you’re catering your content to them but still keeping it relevant to the services and products you sell.

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Measure, Adjust & Repeat

This is a continuous process, your audience will grow and change over time and so will your business to stay competitive. As no one will reach perfection and stay there by doing the same thing over and over, you will constantly need to analyse the work you’ve done, the outcome and think and see what has been done well and what could be further improved. This process will need to be repeated and it might sound tedious, however, it’s only going to do your business good. By staying the same and forgetting to put your audience first, you will not evolve and they might go to a competitor who provides them with the content and information they are looking for.


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