4 Web Design Trend Predictions For 2017

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In less than 2 months we’ll be into 2017. While many of us will be stressed out, thinking of Christmas presents for loved ones and trying to get the roast ordered, all while trying to adjust to the cold weather and preparing for frosted windscreens in the coming weeks, you do have to wonder: where the heck did 2016 go?!

While this may be an incredibly busy couple of months, it’s also a great time to start planning for the next year. Many businesses will be planning on designing a new website, aiming to give their company a more modern, up-to-date look and feel.

Well, we’ve got an early Christmas present for you! We’ve put together this list of the predicted web design trends for 2017. So put the heating on, stick on some early Christmas music and read our predictions on next year’s web design trends:

Mobile-first design

#1 Mobile-first Design

Last month, at PubCon, Google’s Gary Illyes explained that that Google will be will creating a separate mobile index in the next few months, which will be set to become Google’s primary index.

As most of you have probably heard by now, Google’s 2015 update, coined ‘Mobilegeddon’, saw many unprepared businesses panic at the thought of losing rankings due to not having a mobile-friendly website. Since then, many of us have redesigned our websites to account for this update. Well, in 2017, it’s about to get a whole lot crazier.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website with good user experience, there is a chance you may lose rankings moving into 2017. So be doubly sure that your mobile visitors are happy with your website before 2017.


#2 Keep Scrollin’ Scrollin’ Scrollin’

1 question to put this into perspective: think back to the last time you were on Facebook, either desktop or mobile. How much time did you spend just scrolling? Addictive, isn’t it?

As social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have proved: people LOVE to scroll. Ask any web designer a couple of years ago about infinite scrolling and they would likely write it off as ‘bad design’. This just simply isn’t the case anymore.

Don’t just think this feature is only good for social platforms. Many news outlets such as Bloomberg and Inverse now use this technology to keep people infinitely scrolling on their posts.

Check it out. Keep scrolling to the bottom of the post, then don’t stop (also notice how the URL changes): Bloomberg, Inverse

Image First

#3 Content May Be King, But An Image Says 1,000 Words

In a world dominated by images (think Instagram & Pinterest), we’ve become so used to seeing images wherever we are on the internet that articles without it just come across as bland.

While images have always played an important role in web design, 2017 will see them utilised more and more across the internet. So, if you can communicate your message through a photo, graphic or infographic, do it!

Virtual Reality

#4 Virtual Reality

From the looks of it, virtual reality is set to play a big role in the future of technology. It may still only be in its early stages, but people have always sought more immersive ways of experiencing entertainment.

Even though it may be a while off yet, there’s no time like the present to start planning ahead for future trends to ensure you stay on top how your audience is using the internet.

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