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5 Brands Using Instagram’s New Slideshow Tool

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 02 Mar 2017 by Shima Khanea
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The latest Instagram feature is the slideshow tool, a feature that lets the user upload multiple videos or images into a single post. Their latest update has been met with some resistance, with many preferring Instagram’s original streamlined nature but it’s not the first time a social media network’s update has been met with a bit of resistance. Here are some brands who decided to jump straight on the new feature and have begun using the slideshow tool to their advantage.


One way Adidas has used the slideshow feature on Instagram is by pushing their #HereToCreate campaign, which challenges the way we train for sport and features a few people and their stories, including model Karlie Kloss, Candace Parker, Ruqsana Begum and more. With the four images and one video they have included in the single post, they’ve been able to show their audience whose representing their brand and what the #HereToCreate campaign stands for. It’s great way to show more information in one post instead of it being cut up in several.



Urban Decay

Urban Decay is a massive makeup brand with a huge following across the world, they have used Instagram’s slideshow to showcase their new upcoming makeup prep and remover products, building on the existing makeup remover they already had in their range. The 3 images include imagery of the prep and makeup remover products and the name of them, “Rehab Meltdown” and it’s already created a hype prior to the product even launching.



Many publishers use Instagram to awaken the interest of their audience to make them click through on a specific story. With the new slideshow feature, Time took the initiative to create a narrative by having several images in one post. This helps to validate their story to ensure the post has more of an impact on their followers and they also give them more information about the story and insight.



Disney has used it showcase some of their products, the Zootopia party balloons to help unleash your inner “pawty animal”. This post also includes a video of how to make them for your party, the video is very short but simple and straight to the point while maintaining Disney’s tone of voice. A great and somewhat subtle way to sell a product without shoving it in our audience and customers faces.


Benefit Cosmetics

One of Benefit cosmetics most popular and well-known product is the Roller lash mascara, even though it was released quite some time ago, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a big favourite. Benefit used Instagram’s latest feature by showing how your eyelashes will look like once you’ve applied a coat of the Roller lash mascara and also what colours the mascara comes in. Their audience and customers are still excited to see a variety of pictures of the mascara, from the ones who use it to the ones who would love to buy it.


Even though the latest feature on Instagram has been met with resistance, it hasn’t stopped brands from using it to their advantage to promote their current campaign, sell their products or create a narrative while telling a story. How will you be using the Instagram slideshow tool?

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