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5 Content Ideas For Social Recruiters

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 05 Jul 2017 by Amy Hobson
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More and more companies are turning to social media to help meet their recruitment needs but successful social recruiting isn’t just about advertising that you have a vacancy available. These 5 content ideas will inform potential employees about who you are as a company, encourage them to engage with you and want to apply.

1. Day In The Life

Showcase your positions and company with “Day in the Life” style content. This type of content not only gives an extra layer of information about who you as a company but can also provide other valuable information for potential employees. What are the different roles in your company? If, for example, you are recruiting for a customer service representative create something that shows what they would usually do and achieve in a normal work day. These can be created in lots of different ways but the most effective way is either a series of photos or ideally video. A series of videos can show the diversity in somebody’s work day or for something a little less formal use something like time-lapse technology to film a short fun video.

two recruiters walking2. Employee Showcase

Use social media to rave about your employees and their achievements. This doesn’t have to be about their job or career but can also be about them as individuals. Encourage your employees to share their out of work activities like charity or voluntary work and hobbies with you so you can share them on your social media. When looking for a new job, candidates are going to be interested in finding out about your employees and seeing the type of people they could be working with. Vodafone UK Careers do this really well with their blooper reel of outtakes following their local store video campaigns which shows the fun side of working for them.

3. Share The Perks

If someone is looking at your company for their new career you need to help them understand why they should work for you. What does your company offer them? Is it flexible working hours or career progression or something else that is likely to appeal? And it doesn’t need to be just about salary and traditional benefits. If you regularly organize socials or employees get other perks like vouchers, discounts or Social Friday like then these can also be showcased.

boohoo dominos pizza tweet4. Company Achievements

Social media should never be just about you but you shouldn’t shy away from talking about your company achievements. New products, awards, and achievements can all be shared on your recruitment social media channels. When potential candidates are looking for a new role awards and achievements shows them that you are industry leaders and could make you more appealing.

5. Add Value

Your recruitment social media can also add value in other ways. General recruitment advice like interview techniques, how to write a CV or what to wear to make a good first impression will help your potential candidates and keep them engaged. You may not have an appropriate position available now but you could have one in the future and general advice will encourage potentially good candidates to keep coming back. AXA UK Careers are particularly good at this. AXA’s posts help candidates with general advice on how to find the right job and not necessarily with them.

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