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5 Email Marketing Best Practices

Contrary to what you might read or hear, email marketing is very much alive and still one of the best online marketing strategies for a business.

It is a great way to connect with your customers and keep them engaged with your brand, even encouraging them to visit your website, take advantage of a promotion, or make a purchase.

Email marketing is not a difficult tactic to master but you must be aware of the following 5 best practices if you want your emails to achieve the desired goals:

1. Have an engaging subject line

If you want your subscribers to open your emails you need to write an appealing subject line, especially when most people are bombarded daily with emails from several companies in their inboxes.

You want to make them feel a specific emotion that makes them want to know more: feeling intrigued, excited, surprised, you name it. That’s the number one reason why people open an email. Emotions act as triggers.

You might also want to continue using the same subject line every time with a slight variation. This way your customers instantly know it’s from you and will stand out from the “crowd”.

2. Add a specific call-to-action

When you send an email to your subscribers, you’re not only informing them of something, but you want them to act upon it. It can be your readers clicking to take advantage of a promotion, be the first ones to try a new product or watch a new video.

Whatever the reason is for you to send an email and in order for them to perform that action you need to have a clear call-to-action like for example a “click here” button.

This will make sure they know exactly what to do next.

3. Get personal

The inbox is a great opportunity to humanise your brand and create a personal conversation.

This means not only using each person’s name on the salutation but also using a friendly tone of voice. You should write your copy as in a real email conversation like for example telling a story that engages the reader and that ultimately leads to your call-to-action.

This creates a personal experience to the person on the other side of the screen where they relate to your copy and increases the chances of having more clicks on your call-to-action.

4. Always provide value

Of course, your emails have a goal in mind and it can actually be increasing sales of a specific product, but this doesn’t mean they need to be blatantly sales-y.

Always write your copy in a way that provides value to the customer.

If you’re for example launching a new product, explain why you’re doing it and how it helps your reader. So it’s all about showing the benefits and value of them having your new product encouraging a sale but in a subtle way.

5. Make sure you test before

Before you send the email to your entire database, and especially if it is a key email in a key time of the year, make sure you do an A/B test.

A/B Split Campaigns allow you to send two different versions of your campaign to randomly selected parts of your list. The version with the most opens or clicks is then automatically sent to the rest of your list.

It is a clever way to increase your openings and clicks.

Over to you

Are you using email marketing in your business? Let us know your own best practices in the comment section below.

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