5 Golden Rules Of Social Media ROI In The Healthcare Industry

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Whilst some healthcare providers are still cautious about social media, other companies like the Mayo Clinic have already jumped into social media full force after realising all the benefits for their businesses.

Since many people nowadays go online to search for health-related information, read clinic reviews and ask for recommendations on doctors and clinics (choosing social media sites over industry sites), there is a tremendous potential for companies to use social media to reach a wider audience, create brand awareness and retain/gain clients.

However, many healthcare companies that already have a social media presence and claim to have deployed social media initiatives are still admitting confusion or inability to effectively track and measure their ROI (Return on Investment).

Here are five golden rules of social media ROI in the Healthcare industry for you to concretely generate incremental revenue and real ROI:

  • Know your goals

If you don’t know your goals for what you want to achieve through social media, how can you measure your ROI and results?

Do you want to create brand awareness, reach a wider audience and drive them into your website? Do you want to enhance your reputation amongst healthcare industry experts.

Write down your goals, it will be based on them that you’ll develop your bespoke social media strategy and analyse your results. It is not until you fully understand your objectives that you will know whether social media is working for your business.

  • Use Analytic tools

There are many Analytic Tools available that measure social media marketing results. Some are free to use, others are paid or have a paid version with more features.

Researching and using the best analytic tools for your business and goals is a ROI golden rule for the healthcare sector for two reasons:

They can tell you exactly what you need to know in terms of results

They can save you precious time with reports

  • Analyse which pieces of content generate the most results

If you’re regularly measuring your results, you’ll start to notice a few trends like the pieces of content that generate the most engagement, clicks, comments, traffic to the website, shares, etc.

If there’s a piece of content (webinars, twitter chats, advice and tips, videos, etc) that give you the most results, you can invest your time in producing more of that content.

  • Keep an eye outside your brand profiles

Don’t just look and measure what happens on your Facebook, Twitter and other brand profiles. Search for conversations around your brand and products/services outside your own profiles.

This is very important to do, not only to know what is being said about you, but to check for other platforms and other influencers, brand advocates and conversations being influenced by your social media investment.

  • Be customer focused

Many healthcare providers commit the mistake of talking only about their brand and products/services on social media, some even aim to hard sell. This is not what social media is about.

Social media is about providing value to your customers, especially in the healthcare sector. Social media is about going online to meet customers, identify potential customer’s needs, focusing on them, engaging and creating trust. Only by pursuing this route can you start achieving your results and start seeing your desired ROI.

What do you consider to be the most important factor in measuring your ROI? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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