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5 Google Adwords Extensions To Try

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 27 Feb 2018 by Tom Fleetwood
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If you are using Google Adwords to promote your business through paid search, there are a number of extensions that can be used to enhance your adverts and provide valuable information to your potential customers. Google are always looking for improvements to extensions and the fact that they recently called time on the Review extension shows they are not afraid to update them when one isn’t working. Extensions don’t cost any extra money as you will only pay when they are clicked on and are really easy to set up through your Google Adwords account. If you apply them correctly you can create search adverts that are more relevant to your target audience. Extensions also mean that your adverts will take up a larger space on the search results page, giving your business more exposure at no additional cost. Google also take ad extensions into consideration when scoring the quality of your ads, a big factor in how often they are seen. Here’s our pick of the top extensions and how you can try and use them to boost your campaigns.

Call Extensions

How valuable could a phone call be to your business? Whilst a lot of digital marketing focusses on driving customers to convert online, maybe through a purchase, by booking online or submitting a contact form on a website, there is still enormous value in people speaking on the telephone with a business. Put simply, the Call extension allows you to show customers your business phone number in your search ad. This extension will show up on both mobile and desktop devices and the beauty of it is that mobile users can click directly on the advert to call your business. Google will then track this back as a conversion so you can analyse the performance of your ads. On a desktop, the Call extension simply displays the business phone number next to your advert allowing customers to pick up the phone and give your business a call. If phone calls are important to your business, using this extension really is a no-brainer.

Sitelink Extension

Your website more than likely has a number of pages and URLs with valuable content for your potential customers, but how can drive traffic to these pages through your Google adverts when you can only include one link? This is where the Sitelink extension can be extremely beneficial to your business. This extension allows you to add links to different pages on your website into your search adverts. These website links sit directly beneath your advert text and link directly through to the pages you choose on your website. By carefully selecting the links that show on your ads you can increase your click-through-rate and take customers through to the most relevant page on your website. For a simple example of a site links in use, think of a fashion retailer who may want to show different product categories to users who are searching ‘menswear’. Sitelinks are clickable on both mobile and desktop, with mobile users being presented with a sliding carrousel of buttons to click.

Call Out Extensions

As well as your standard title and description text, you can add Call Outs to your ad to shout about your products or services. Each Call Out is limited to 25 characters and you can add as many as you want to your adverts but bare in mind that Google will only show up to 5 at any time. Call Outs are another way to expand the size of your text ads and can make your business stand out from competitors if used correctly. Think about what your customers are looking for when searching for your product or service and then create Call Outs to try and draw them into clicking on your advert over everyone else.

Location Extension

If you are a business that requires customers to visit you in person, the location extension is a really useful tool. When set up correctly, it will not only allow people to see your address details, but they will be able to click to get directions to take them to your business. For this to work you will need to have a Google My Business account set up for your business location, this will then need to be linked to your Adwords account. Measuring your online marketing activity against your in-store performance is one of those tricky conundrums for many businesses but the location extension goes some way to being able to track this. Combine your location extension with location-based targetting and you’ll be on to a winner.

Promotion Extension

The Promotion extension allows you to highlight special offers and deals in your adverts to try and entice potential customers. They show in an easy to read format that has been designed to catch the customers eye. Google has a list of occasions that it will allow you to use the promotion extension for, which includes all of the usual suspects like Black Friday and Boxing Day. If your business runs special promotions around these times then you should look at including Adwords in your digital campaigns. Alternatively, you can choose to not select an occasion and run your campaign on the dates suitable to your promotion. When you set up your Promotion extension you are given the option of a monetary or percentage discount to choose from as well as options for promo codes and more.

When Will They Show?

The million dollar question for anyone who has taken the time to set up the extensions. As with all adverts on Google’s search network, there are a number of factors that will determine whether or not your ad extensions will show. This, according to Google, include;

  • Ad Rank – the score given to each advert depending on your bid, the quality of the landing page and the advert.
  • Ad Position – Ads positioned at the top of a page are more likely to show ad extensions.
  • Other Extensions – Google will look at the other extensions you have enabled and aim to show the best performing combination of eligible extensions based on the data it has.

How do you use extensions to enhance your business? Let us know if the comments below.

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