5 great ways to attract more followers to your LinkedIn page

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LinkedinMany businesses have a Linkedin company page and this social media channel is an important piece of their social media strategy since it is indeed a great outlet to attract, share and influence your target audience.

Followers on Linkedin really do share and engage with the content, but for many businesses the question is really how do they attract more followers to their Linkedin page in the first place?

5 great ways to attract the followers your value the most

1. Add a “Follow” button to your homepage

Many businesses have “follow us” buttons for their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but they fail to have one for Linkedin.

By adding a Linkedin button, you can convert the visitors who come to your site by making it easier for them to simply click on that button to follow your company page. Click here to get the “Follow” button.

2. Join Linkedin groups

One of the best ways on Linkedin to attract the right followers is to join existing groups related to your industry, niche and also location. Don’t limit yourself to join, you need to set aside some time during the week in order to participate in the discussions taking place and properly engage with the members.

The right way to do that is to provide value in your discussions and in your responses. Show your expertise and provide a link to your company page. By providing value, you attract the attention of your target audience.

3. Engage your employees

Many of your employees are actively using Linkedin already and they are the best place to start adding followers.

They can also be your best advocates by sharing your page content with their contacts, attracting more followers. Encourage your employees to actively use Linkedin and complete their profiles.

Once they include your company name, they automatically become followers of your company page.

4. Launch a Follower Ad campaign

Followers Ads are visible throughout Linkedin and can be targeted to members in different and specific industries, companies and countries. This can help you attract the right followers for your company page.

These ads encourage potential followers to click on the “Follow” button and join your page, and when they follow it shows in their network as an update which can motivate other people to follow your page too.

5. Spread the word

You can and should link your company page to all your marketing communications like emails, newsletters, blogs, and other social media networks like Twitter.

Don’t just ask people to join your Linkedin page, tell them what’s in it for them and what is the value of your page, like for example great content about your industry or products.

A good tactic is also to invite current and former customers, partners and also your own Linkedin contacts to become followers.

Don’t forget the content! Remember, it’s not enough to attract potential followers to your page; you want to make them click “Follow”. And one of the most important ways to do that is to deliver great content on a consistent basis.

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